When Is the Best Time to Transplant Strawberry Plants?

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Q: When Is the Best Time to Transplant Strawberry Plants?

On May 24, 2010, Bud Alexis asked:

In all of your excellent information on strawberries, you failed to mention or I somehow overlooked as to the best time to take the runners (stolons) and transplant them elsewhere.  I also want to move the bed somewhere else and need to know the best time to transplant the rest of them.

Answer to: When Is the Best Time to Transplant Strawberry Plants?

Hopefully, you will find the information you need in this post: Transplanting Strawberries.  It also details a transplantation system that is easy to implement and will keep your strawberry plants vigorous year after year.
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22 comments to When Is the Best Time to Transplant Strawberry Plants?

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Yes, you can. The extra stress from transplanting will make it important to snip the blooms, however, if you want the plants to remain vigorous. Good luck!

  • Tony

    Looking to transplant due to lack of space in garden can I do it now? March ’17

  • Mr. Strawberry

    It is usually best to get them in the ground as soon as possible. If you can’t plant right away, see this. Good luck!

  • Lynn

    I just received a shipment of strawberry slips – how long can they survive out of the ground? Should they be planted right away? It is still frosty here in Northern Nevada (February 12). All your work in educating the public is most appreciated!

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Yes! Just make sure that the roots are established prior to snipping the runner, or the daughter plant will die. Good luck!

  • Effie

    Is it advisable to snip and transplant runners in the fall? I grow in zone 6b, and my strawberries are now sending out runners. If I transplant runners now, will they winter well?

    Many thanks!

  • Mr. Strawberry

    It is a good idea to transplant the runner plants as soon as the new plant is well-established in its own soil. You can be certain that has happened when the runner connecting it to the mother plant starts to turn brown and whither. It will be safe to snip at some point before then if the roots are established, but you need to make sure of that before you snip the runner or the new plants will die. The optimal time to transplant established plants is in the fall. Good luck!

  • christina

    Please advise me when is the best time to transplant or move strawberry in a pot also is running on the ground & the wall. I live at Toukley Central Coast. N.S.W..

  • Mr. Strawberry

    It is best to plant after the temperature starts dropping in the evening. Be sure to water them in very well, and good luck!

  • Chris

    I live on the Tropic of Capricorn in Australia and have just picked up a dozen strawberry plants. When is the best time of the day to transplant, in the morning or afternoon?

  • Mr. Strawberry

    No, you can still transplant. Just try to keep as much of the root system intact as possible. Your overall harvest will likely be a bit less than if they were left undisturbed, but they should still produce for you if you are careful during the transplanting process. Good luck!

  • Pennsylvania

    It is mid-April in PA. Is it too late to transplant and thin out our strawberries? We would like to change to a raised bed tiered system.

  • Mr. Strawberry

    The best time to do it would be in the fall. In the Northern Hemisphere, the best time would be late September. So, for New Zealand in the Southern Hemisphere, right now would be a perfect time! Good luck!

  • Alka

    Mr strawberry.
    I live in christchurch .nz. I want to shift my strawberries to a new area. What is the best time of year to do that safely? Thanks

  • Mr. Strawberry

    It depends on what the weather does over the next two to four weeks. If the temperatures drop (which they likely will), planting live plants is a bit tricky. You can wait until it gets colder and plant bare-root dormant plants, but if that is your plan, you’d do better just waiting until spring. Good luck!

  • Margaret

    Mr Strawberry, live in Calgary , Alberta today , Oct & it is sunny and 70, wanting to start a new patch from my hanging baskets, Am i too late to do this,
    prepared a sunny location 6 hours a day.

  • Mr. Strawberry

    It is best to transplant strawberries in the later part of August or into September, depending on your location. Good luck!

  • Georgia

    When is the best to transplant strawberry plants? When would youlaystraw down to prevent less weedscoming back the following year?

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Yes, you can divide/propagate your plants. I’d recommend starting here and here. Good luck!

  • kevin

    hello can I divide my plants into smaller lots like cut my main bunch into little ones

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Mary Tazewell,
    Yes, you should get a full crop next year. Sometimes, everbearing varieties don’t do as well after a transplant as do the June-bearing varieties (from my experience with them). However, if you did transplant everbearers, there is a good chance they will still flower and set a harvest before the first frost this fall, so keep an eye out for any white flowers poking out! Good luck!

  • Mary Tazewell

    I transplanted strawberrie tis year and got no berrie.
    did I hurt them? they are big plants an the leaves have a few spots but I didn’t get any berries? I will be putting some horse poop on it in a few weeks will this help them for next year I have been getting a few berrie every year but I have about 100 plants and haved gotten enough to make jam out of yet? when I transplanted them this year back in late may I put them in 90% sun and a raised bed will all this work pan out for next yr?

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