Strawberry Fisetin Flavonoid Roundup

Last week Strawberry Plants .org introduced you to the exciting new research on the strawberry flavonoid fisetin and its potential positive health impacts.  Due to the interest and response to that post, I am posting more articles and news stories on the topic for your perusal.  This strawberry fisetin flavonoid roundup includes links from […]

Strawberry Compound Fisetin Could Help Diabetics

strawberry compound fisetin could help diabeticsNew research is being done that could merge forever the delightful and humble strawberry with the diets of individuals beset by diabetes.  Studies are being done on mice at the Salk Institute which are examining the effects of fisetin, a naturally-occuring flavonoid in strawberries, on diabetes and other conditions.  Investigators at the Salk Institute's Cellular Neurobiology Laboratory (CNL) are discovering that this compound can protect the organs most commonly damaged by diabetes.  Additionally, early data show that neurological disorders like Alzheimer's might also be positively affected by fisetin.

For the entire story, see this article.  To learn more about the amazing strawberry plant, simply search this site for the specific area that interests you (here's how).  There are quite a few Medicinal Uses of the Strawberry Plant, many useful Compounds in Strawberry Plants, and promising evidence that strawberries may help prevent cancer.  It is no wonder that the strawberry compound fisetin could help diabetics!

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