How to Care for Bare-Root Strawberry Plants?

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Q: How to Care for Bare-Root Strawberry Plants?

On December 30, 2010, Andi asked:

I just found your very useful site. I had ordered 25 bare root strawberry plants and it was too late to plant so I have tried growing them in my house and it’s not working out so well. First I had them in an indoor greenhouse (meaning 4 tier shelves covered in greenhouse plastic located in my home). I put them in a potting soil from Bar Harbor Maine. After a few weeks there was some signs of life but also mold so I took them out of the plastic. A month later the potting soil never dried out (and I never watered) so I repotted them w/half peat and half of the potting mix and put them under fluorescent lights. They’re not happy. There are no signs of life. I’m keeping the roots damp but not too wet. I’m thinking I should put plastic back on top of them to see if I can get growth again and watch for mold (now that I have them in a medium that doesn’t remain wet for weeks at a time w/o watering). Do you think I should just quit trying and stop giving them light and repot again- this time taking out the potting soil and just using peat?

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