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support strawberry plants orgStrawberry Plants .org exists to spread the passion for strawberry plants around the world and around the block.  Beginning in January 2011, a new method will be available to businesses or individuals who would like to simultaneously support a good cause and draw attention and visitors to their own websites.

But, it doesn't have to cost you one cent to help this site continue to offer top-rate strawberry information free to everyone who asks for it.  Even though it is not free to serve the information to everyone who asks for it, it will continue to be given away.  Will you take 15 more seconds of your time to help make this site better and more effective?

If your curiosity is piqued (or even if you are bored out of your skull), please click the Read More link below to see how you can help this website succeed (and benefit yourself in the process) in less than one minute!

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