Strawberry Plants .org Top 5 for October 2010

strawberry plants top 5If you are a regular visitor to Strawberry Plants .org, you know that this site exists for one main reason: to spread the passion for growing strawberries and strawberry plants far and wide.  Most people come here looking for answers for their strawberry-related questions.  And, most people find them.  In the processes of finding strawberry answers, some people have an agricultural or gardening passion kindled within them.  To that we say, “hooray!”

Strawberry Plants .org has seen remarkable growth in the number of visitors who visit every day.  Who knew so many people have so many questions about growing and using strawberries?  It is encouraging!  During the month of October, visits to this site hit an all-time high.  And, the great part is that it isn't even strawberry season in most of the Northern Hemisphere!

So, what is all the activity about?  Well, people from all over the world are looking for strawberry information.  So, if you are curious, you can see both the 5 most popular pages on this website as well as the top 10 strawberry-friendly countries (as measured by people from within the country visiting this site):

Strawberry Plants .org Top 5 Strawberry Pages for October

These pages were the most popular pages on this website in the month of October.  Many people have benefited from the information contained within them.  Maybe you will too!

1.  Strawberry Varieties

This page is a tremendous source of information about a host of strawberry varieties.  Linked at the bottom are additional profiles of specific strawberry varieties.  Most helpful is probably the link to the recommended strawberry varieties page.  That page lists recommended strawberry varieties for every state in the U.S.A.

2.  Strawberry Plants for Sale

If you want to buy strawberry plants for your garden this spring, this is where to begin.  An extensive list of both suppliers who offer strawberry plants by mail delivery and the varieties they offer is here.  This page makes finding specific types of strawberries quick.  It also makes price comparisons a breeze!

3.  Strawberry Plant

This page is a treasure trove of strawberry information.  If you are looking for general information about strawberry plants, this is the place to look.

4.  Growing Strawberries

Using this guide for growing strawberries will vastly increase your strawberry bed's productivity and your enjoyment as you harvest your strawberry crop.  Any beginner gardener or even experienced gardeners who have never tried to grow strawberries will likely benefit tremendously from this information.

5.  Pineberry: Pineapple Strawberry

Eureka!!  The pineberry is an old strawberry variety.  But, it has recently made quite a bit of new noise on the internet.  Find out what the hoopla is about.  Plus, what could be more interesting than a red-seeded and white-fleshed strawberry?  These pineberries are growing in popularity.

Strawberry Plants .org Top 10 Countries

These ten countries are ranked according the the volume of traffic this website receives from people searching for strawberry information.  The higher up the list, the more individuals from that country visit this site.

pineberry1.  United States

pineberries2.  Philippines

grow strawberries3.  Canada

growing strawberries4.  Australia

strawberry plants5.  Great Britain

strawberry cultivar6.  Brazil

strawberry information7.  Russian Federation

strawberry varieties8.  Japan

strawberry crop9.  New Zealand

strawberry plant10.  China


The strawberry fever is spreading!  Using the resources on this site that are linked above, you can begin preparing for your own garden.  Strawberry plants will ship in the late winter or early spring, depending on where you live.  So, check out the suppliers, research the best strawberry cultivar for your area, develop a good gardening plan, and set yourself up for gardening success in 2011!

If you would like to commit to growing strawberries this year, leave a comment!

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