Strawberry Plants Grown in India

strawberry plants grown in indiaStrawberry plants are famously temperate.  They do not grow in extreme heat and have tremendous difficulty growing in regions of the world that do not provide the climatic conditions needed for their happiness.  Both tropical and sub-tropical regions will not provide the environment necessary for growing strawberries that result in a strawberry harvest.

But, we humans are an industrial bunch.  We can fly in planes that go faster than the speed of sound.  We can go to the moon.  Why can't we grow strawberries in hot areas of the globe?  Well, the industrious people of Bihar, India, have put their technological and industrial skill to work and have successfully grown a crop of commercial strawberries in their sub-tropical region.

Strawberry Plants in India

Until the year 2010, strawberry plants had not been grown successfully in sub-tropical India.  India, the world's second most-populous nation with well-over a billion people, was mostly unable to see strawberries grown locally.  In 2010, however, that changed.  Strawberries were cultivated by three institutions of learning: Bihar Acricultural University, Sabour (Bhagalpur district), Tirhut College of Agriculture, Kholi (Muzaffarpur district), and Rajendra Agricultural University, Pusa (Samastipur district).

Production of Indian Strawberry Plants

The three locations produced about 300 kilograms of strawberries (over 661 pounds).  Due to the high cost of producing strawberries where they do not like to grow, the Bihar government subsidized the three institutions to the tune of 1,800,000 rupees (about $39,500).  With the government money, the group developed a protective laboratory for the production of strawberries and other high-value crops called Polyhouse.  Polyhouse allows agricultural and climatic conditions to be controlled so that the produce can be grown.  Specifically, strawberry plants need cold conditions throughout parts of the year, high humidity levels, open and circulating air, and raised beds in order to flourish.

Growing Strawberries in India: Details

Strawberry plants will not grow naturally in most parts of India.  So, the researchers who undertook this strawberry experiment had several obstacles to overcome.  First, they had to find strawberry varieties that could grow in less-than-temperate conditions.  After researching various varieties, the determination was made that the cultivars Cherry Blossom, Festival, and Sweet Charlie would be best suited for growing in Bihar.  Additionally, Indian children do not grow up growing strawberries or picking strawberries.  Consequently, farmers must be trained and taught about growing the plants during the strawberry season, which begins in November and runs through harvest in February.

Strawberry Plants Grown in India: Conclusion

As technology increases the productive capability of humans, more and more good things can be shared and produced.  Growing strawberry plants in India will help expand both the nutritional options and quality of life available to the billion-plus people who live there.  The development of Polyhouse and the successful crop of 2010 strawberries in India may just signal a new era of strawberry passion proliferation into one of the most populous regions of the world.  Hooray!  For those interested in growing strawberries in India, you can find more information here.

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  1. Dear sirs
    I read this article with great interest and am searching for some help to grow my own strawberry’s here now in west Africa but the temperature is a bit of a challenge aswel getting the seeds

    I hope there’s some out there that is able to help me out with this?

    Yours sincerely Patrick

  2. Sir, i’m strawberry grower. I need to know from where the strawberry plants import and all about technical strawberry cultivation and care. Help me by providing useful link.

    • Aniket,
      As for importation regulations for strawberry plants into India, check with your nation’s customs office. They will be able to give guidance. As far as shipping them there, this might be helpful: Shipping Strawberry Plants. As for the technical details about cultivation and care of strawberries, that is what this site is about! Use the links at the left of this page, or the search box at the top right, and you will have access to the information you need. Good luck!

  3. Hello Mr. Strawberry, I am growing two red berry plants in my back yard. I need to inject those plants with something which will help to increase the yeild and quality.Can you guide me ?

  4. Hello sir , I am from india , i want to grow the strawberry in my farm of 10 acres . i really want to know about the whole process of strawberry farming .
    pls sir guide me

    • Ravi,
      Start here: Growing Strawberries. Pay special attention to the links at the bottom of the page under the “More” section. There are several articles there about growing strawberries commercially, which is what it sounds like you wish to do. Good luck!

  5. Hi All and Mr.Strawderry,

    I am Manoj, I work for Microsoft as Senior Tech Rep. ( Team Manger). And I am 25 year old.

    I have my land in my home town ( Karnataka) , nothing is grown except Coconut. But as I am into IT, I am not sure about my job and I cannot lead my life by only depending on my salary, so I have decided to grow some economical and short term fruits that are grown overseas. When I surf Google I got your blog. In my state though out the year there will be moderate climate. So can i grow fruits which belongs to berry family.

    Guide Me..!

  6. i just want to ask the techniques to grow,i mean soil related techniques which kind of soil are good suited for strawberry and the season.

  7. Myself is Sanjeev Patil and i am into farming since 5 years. Have the experience of vegitable cultivation. Now i am planning to have strawberry project at Bijapur, karnataka state in the month of August 2013 and the temperature ranges between 25 to 35 degrees at that time. Is there any success stories in India grown with above parameters. THANKS

    • Sanjeev,
      I am not aware of any major strawberry successes in your area. The temperatures there could pose a problem. Strawberries are temperate plants and prefer slightly cooler weather. Some, however, might be able to do well. You may want to contact someone in the agricultural department/s of your government for specific advice about the feasibility of profitable strawberry cultivation in your area. Good luck!

    • ajay,
      That is difficult to do at that temperature. Strawberries are temperate by nature and prefer cooler weather. You will likely need to have it in some sort of air-conditioned or controlled-climate location to keep the heat from killing the plants. Good luck!

  8. Looking for growing strawberry in patna this winter. the average temp. during winter season remains at 10 degree C to 25 degree C. is this temp. accurate to grow strawberry in patna. also if you suggest where the seeds can be sourced and how to go for germination.

  9. I am the supplier of strawberry runner plants all over India (hydroponic tray plants). if anybody want plants and cultivation practices details, I can able to give related info.


  10. Dear Sir,
    Actually I am doing runner plant production for own fruit-production farm, but we have some extra plants with us that I want to sale. varieties like Sweetcharlie & Winterdawn. My contact no. is 917769872107

    • Will be growing in coco. I would prefer coco plugs strawberry. Also pls provide plant life cycle, harvest window, yield and speed under greenhouse conditions.

      Will need 5000 units first order sent tout Mauritius around April 2017.

      Thank you


      RoyWill be growing in coco. I would prefer coco plugs strawberry. Also pls provide plant life cycle, harvest window, yield and speed under greenhouse conditions.

      Will need 5000 units first order sent tout Mauritius around April 2017.

      Thank you



  11. Hi,
    I’ve attained strawberry seeds of the alpine variety and although I’ve researched a good bit on how to germinate them I’m still unsure what is the best time of year to plant them in my home town of Dehradun and exactly how successful can I be in this climate. During the hot summer I have the option of sending these potted plants up to Mossourie which remains cool (<30`C). Please advise… much obliged.

    • Ankur Singh,
      If you are starting plants from seed, you may want to consider starting them indoors while it is still cool, and then planting them outside (after hardening them), in the spring. That will give them the best opportunity to thrive. It also mirrors the natural cycle of strawberry plants growing wild from seed. If you are going to be planting plug or bare-root plants, it is usually best to plant those more developed plants in the fall. Strawberry plants do require a moderate, temperate climate to perform optimally. Good luck!

  12. Hi Sir,

    I grew up in America all my life and my passion for strawberries is ineffable. I recently moved to Hyderabad and have a mid sized, sun-capturing, not to mention free from traffic and serene balcony. I have begun my own little gardening. Now imagine to my delight when I discovered this website. Since it is quite impossible to get palate satisfying strawberries that don’t tear a hole through your wallet, I would truly be the most happiest person if you could guide me as to whether or not my location and climate would be sufficient to grow perhaps a tub of strawberries. And if so, could me guide me as to where and how I can find the necessary equipment and seeds…I would be ever so grateful.

    • StrawberryLove,
      I am not familiar with the climate of Hyderabad, but you can give it a try! I’d recommend trying to locate a supplier of plants, though, as the non-hybrid varieties that will grow true from seed are often less heat tolerant. Good luck!

    • Strawberry girl,
      I am not familiar with the climate in Bhimtal. You may want to review the material on the growing strawberries reference page. If you can do it according to the directions provided, they should grow acceptably. I am not certain what strawberry varieties are available in India, but you can peruse some of the ones available for retail purchase on the Buy Strawberry Plants directory. Some of those companies might be willing to ship to you if it is permitted by your customs officials. Good luck!

  13. Hi Dear,

    I want to grow straw berry so pls introduce me regarding this like how to grow,regarding plants means we cal grow or need to buy from where regarding fertilizer.

    Thaks & regards
    Ravinder Singh

  14. Hi
    Your blog is great! Lots of info, I am in b’lore, I am growing a s.berry plant in my home, just started with fruits developing,
    1. Apart from mahabaleshwar/b’lore is there any other place in south India it is grown?
    2. Is there any NGO or horticulture dept that conducts a training program fr growing s.berry plants ?
    3. I need to visit a farm, you know any place that you cn refer ?

    • Venki,
      Unfortunately, I am not very familiar with the geography or climatic requirements in India. If you do discover answers to your questions, however, please come back and let us all know! Good luck!

  15. Hello Mr. Strawberry,

    I had written to you, many months ago when I was in Hyderabad. I have moved to Delhi now and the first thing I thought about was, “cooler winters…strawberries!”

    What would be the best variety to grow here? And when would be the best time to begin growing them?

    Thank you,

    • StrawberryLove,
      Unfortunately, I am not very familiar with that climate! You may want to check with a Ministry of Agriculture or representative from the Department of Agriculture (or its equivalent) in your country. They would be a better source than I am! Hope that helps!

  16. hello i m umesh,i live in nagpur have land well irrigated,i m looking to grow strawberry in there desperately,will it be possible to grow in winter season this year as temperature in my city is quite high,please send me the details soon…

    hi sir,actually the temperature here remains around 25*C..DRY AIR is it then possible to have crop

    • umesh gandhare,
      If you have appropriate irrigation and temperatures where you mention, you should be able to grow strawberries. The details are here. Good luck!

  17. I want to plant strawberries in my home gallery (small place of home which is open from front) I’m staying in Mumbai.
    so please suggest me what I do for home farming of strawberries. Can I farm of strawberry in home or not.

  18. Hello sir,
    I want to grow strawberry in Nagaur Rajasthan. my sand ph is 6.5 and water 7.0. so please tell me can i grow strawberry in my area and which variety can i growin my area.

  19. Sir,
    Iam a student from Chennai. I, along with a few of my friends are working on growing strawberries here using hydroponics also controlling the required conditions like light, temperature and humidity. Do you think this is feasible?

    • Mrudul Shirgurkar,
      Unfortunately, strawberries are temperate plants by nature. None, at present, do well in the tropical climates. I’m sorry!

  20. Good morning sir,
    I am pratik .I want to grow strawberries in my farm about 2 I want the seeds and all information about that.
    So I kindly request you please help me.thank u

  21. Dear Sir,
    I am BSc(Ag) student,I want to grow strawberry in my farm Uttarpradesh (Kanpur & Allahabad).so I want seeds and all informations about it.Which climate or temperature is suitable for strawberry crop.So please guide me that which variety is successful in UP.How to maintain export quality.
    So I kindly request you please help me.
    Thank You.

    • Navendra,
      Exporting will be difficult as strawberries have a very short shelf life. You will probably do best if you can sell locally. Good luck!

  22. We saw these plants growing and bearing fruits long back in 1997 where it was being cultivated by the Deaprtment of Horticulture of Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishvavidyalaya, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh.
    Though it was not cultivated commercially.

    • Harshad,
      Only if the variety you are propagating is protected by a tax, patent, or other similar legal device. Good luck!

  23. my own field is near chakrata height from sea level 8200 feet temperature in summer 20-30 degree ( may-to june0 IN OTHER MONTHS IT IS ALWAYS BELOW 25 DEGREE .I WANT PLANTS FOR PLANTATION OF STRABERRY.

      I would recommend looking for a local supplier of varieties that are adapted to your climate. It would be difficult to get plants to you through customs, more than likely. Good luck!

  24. Hi,I Have difficulty in growing the strawberry plants in containers and I do live in India.All of them have died due to root rot and few survived for a long duration but no luck after a rain was poured for 2 days.Is there anyway to prevent them from root rot any tips are welcome.Started some new plants from seeds since I have no luck with big plants.Seedlings are doing well for now.

    • Raj,
      It is imperative that strawberry plants be in soil that is well-drained. If your potting mix isn’t a sandy loam, you might want to switch it out to a better consistency. Additionally, if there are not enough drain holes in the bottom of your pots, you might want to add several to allow adequate drainage. Good luck!

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