How to Use Strawberry Plants .org

This website is a repository for information about strawberry plants, strawberries, and everything related to them.  The quantity of information on this site may be overwhelming, particularly if you are looking for an answer to a particular question.  This post is intended to serve as a guide to help you gain the maximum benefit from the information contained here.

how to use strawberry plants orgWhile any strawberry aficionado could read for hours and still be happy to peruse more, most people just need help finding key pieces to their strawberry puzzle.  The main aspects of this site will be mentioned below.  If you have a specific question, use the search function at the top right of any page, or use the comments function at the bottom of each page to leave a message, ask a question, or contribute to the discussion.

Strawberry Plants .org: Overview

These are the main components of Strawberry Plants .org:

Reference Pages

The reference pages are displayed on every page of the website at the top left.  These are extensive guides or directories related to strawberries or strawberry plants.  The Growing Strawberries page is an extensive how-to that will help even the complete beginner successfully grow strawberry plants on the first try.  The Strawberry Plant page is an encyclopedic source of information on the strawberry plant, from its history to its problems with pests and pathogens.  The Strawberry Plants for Sale link takes you to a directory of all the known nurseries who offer strawberry plants for sale online.  The Buy Strawberry Plants page is a directory of strawberry varieties that you can purchase via the internet.  Each variety is separated and all the known nurseries who offer that variety for sale are grouped so that prices may be compared and money can be saved!  The Strawberry Seeds page is an encyclopedic source of information on all facets of strawberry seeds.  Additionally, there is another directory linked from this page of all the known online sellers of strawberry seeds.  The Strawberry Varieties page has information on the different types of strawberries as well as an interactive table of many of the different strawberry varieties.  This is a good place to begin learning if you do not know which strawberry plants you should purchase.  The Strawberry Picking page is a guide to aid in having a successful trip to a U-Pick strawberry farm, which may be located through the use of the nation-wide directory housed on the Pick Your Own Strawberries page.  And, of course, once you have picked your own strawberries from a farm or your own garden, you need to use them!  This is why the Strawberry Recipes page exists: as a store of flavorful recipes that call for strawberries.  And, don't forget to celebrate strawberries by attending one of the annual strawberry festivals listed in the searchable, sortable directory on the Strawberry Festivals page.

Recent Posts

Strawberry Plants .org is updated regularly.  To quickly see what new strawberry-related content has been added each week, a quick glance under the reference page section will reveal what is new.


All content that is posted to Strawberry Plants .org is categorized.  Each of the major categories are displayed under the two aforementioned areas.  Each category has more detailed and specific posts listed within that related to the broad category displayed in the left column.  Browsing through each category will likely yield the information you need regarding those topics.


The right-hand column holds ads.  Each of the advertisers benefit by reaching their targeted, strawberry-related market, and the ad revenue helps keep this site operational.  Be sure to visit the advertisers' sites and see the quality plants and products they offer.  And, if you would like to sponsor a space on this website, click here.


The “More” section is at the bottom of several of the reference pages, just above the comments.  This section works similarly to the categories to the left of each page, but they are more quickly scanned and have a summary of the contents of each page.  Be sure not to miss these sections as they are a trove of valuable information!

Related Posts

Each post on this site has several links at the bottom of it to related information.  This area can help you find other pages on similar topics so that your informational needs can be satisfied quickly and easily.


The comments section is available on most pages within Strawberry Plants .org.  Here you can contribute to the discussion, ask questions, or leave constructive messages.  Of course, to prevent spammers, all comments must be reviewed, but all that are constructive and contribute something will be.  Don't be shy, leave a reply!


Personal inquiries or comments can be made directly by email through the form here.  Feel free to use it to ask legitimate questions or give feedback.

Strawberry Plants .org: Spreading the Passion

This website exists to spread the passion for strawberries and strawberry plants far and wide.  It is free to access, and the information is available to anyone and everyone.  But, your support is definitely appreciated and needed.  Here is how you can help: “Like” us by clicking the “Like” button at the top left of any page on the site, visit our sponsors, and tell your friends and family about this website!

Thank you for stopping by.  Enjoy Strawberry Plants .org!

2 comments to How to Use Strawberry Plants .org

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Thanks! The cooler weather in Scotland shouldn’t be a problem as a great many strawberry varieties will do splendidly in cooler weather. The wetness might pose a problem, however, as strawberries can be quite susceptible to crown rot in standing water and fungal (as well as other) infections. Sallybright would likely be a good choice for your climate. For cultivation methods, follow the guidelines on the Growing Strawberries reference page.

  • Simon Osborne

    Mr Strawberry,
    I like your website – tons of good info for me as I am planting a strawberry bed in a large garden that we have just moved to. Do you have specific information on growing in the UK – specifically for me in Scotland (cooler wetter climate) – eg best varieties – best cultivation methods etc.
    Simon Osborne

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