Organic Strawberry Farming in Bulgaria

organic strawberry farming in bulgariaFor those who can't or won't grow their own strawberries (even though they really should), organically-grown fruit is popular.  Even as studies are showing that organic strawberries are better, more and more farmers are adapting organic methods for strawberry production.

In fact, this trend is even spreading to many countries outside the United States.  Organic strawberry farming in Bulgaria, for example, is picking up steam.  For an interview with one of the pioneers, see this article: Interview with Giuseppe De Francesko

2 comments to Organic Strawberry Farming in Bulgaria

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Eric Edwards,
    Unfortunately, I don’t personally sell any strawberry plants directly. If you wish, you can contact any of the suppliers in the directory to see if they can ship to you in Northern Ireland. Good luck!

  • Eric Edwards

    Hello , i live in Northern Ireland, and i grow many stramberries, i am looking to buy Buligarian Strawberry plants, some of our Bulgarian workers here gave me some plants that they took back from Bulgaria and the fruit is very good , sweet, large and heart shape.
    Please send me photo,s of the plants and fruit and prices etc.
    Regards Eric Edwards

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