Single Season June-Bearing Plants?

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Q: Single Season June-Bearing Plants?

On August 31, 2010, John asked:

I have heard of single season june bearing plants.  I am from California.  I was told there is no need to cover strawberry plants and that they are cheap enough to plow under the old crop and replant winter squash.  We are taking over the family farm and looking for alternatives in farming, but we never did strawberrys.

Answer to: Single Season June-Bearing Plants?

You are correct: most large-scale commercial strawberry farms in California treat strawberry plants as annuals and replant every year. Having never commercially farmed strawberries, I’d recommend you check out this prior to taking the plunge: Strawberry Plants Library 0006.  These posts also might help you: short-day june-bearing strawberry plants, growing strawberry plants commercially, plasticulture strawberries, strawberry plants per acre, the matted row system.  I hope that helps!

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