Pineberries! Try Pineberry Plants in 2012

pineberry plants 2012In the United States, just about every home gardener cuts his or her teeth with tomatoes and peppers when entering into the world of gardening for the first time.  And, for years afterward, those plants yield bountifully and are a productive stable.  For those gardeners who are ready to branch out, I have a suggestion.  Why not try planting pineberries this year?

Pineberry plants are not new, but they are new to most gardeners.  They have increased in popularity over the last several years since they were first sold in the UK commercially on a limited basis.  Now, these pineberry plants are readily available (click the links below).  What makes them special isn't their huge fruits or their enormous harvests, but the unique flavor and aroma.  They have natural pineapple accents!

So, if you have a spare square foot in your garden this year, you may want to consider planting pineberries.  For all the details you need regarding pineberry plants, pineberry seeds, and all things pineberry, see this post: Pineberry Pineberries.  The suppliers of plants are linked from that page and can also be found here: Pineberry.  And, if you are into unique garden plants, don't miss all the other varieties of White Strawberries available to you!

14 thoughts on “Pineberries! Try Pineberry Plants in 2012

  1. I live in Tasmania, Australia and am wondering how can I get some pine berriy plants. I have been reading about them and would really love to grow some. I would prefer the type that shoots runners. I would be greatful for any information regarding where I may be able to get some. Thank you. Dyan Summers

    • Dyan,
      I am not presently aware of any pineberry suppliers in Australia. You might want to contact the suppliers listed on the Pineberry Pineberries post and your customs officials to see what would be required to have them shipped to you. If you discover suppliers of pineberry plants in Australia, please let me know, and I will include them in the list.

    • rae,
      It is very difficult to find actual pineberries for sale. They have a very soft flesh and, consequently, easily get damaged during the shipping process. Your best chance of getting berries is to grow them yourself. Occasionally, specialty fruit growers may have them, if they grow them themselves in greenhouses. But, again, if you’d really like to try them, it is best to order a few plants and grow them yourself. Good luck!

  2. Hello,

    I live in Nebraska & would like to try my hand at growing Pineberries. Where can I purchase the plants & when is the best time to plant them so I can get a good crop? Also, do yo uthink I can plant them indoors & transfer them once the ground thaws? Please let me know.

    Thanks a bunch

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