Franken Berry Monster Strawberries

franken berry monster strawberriesCall me old-fashioned, but I think Mother Nature knows a thing or two about how to produce healthy and nutritious plants and fruit.  Sometimes it may just be best to leave well enough alone.  Unfortunately, the latest upside down strawberry project to come from the land down under has resulted in the world's first bubblegum-flavored scientifically “engineered”  strawberry variety: Rubygem.

Bubblegum is a delight to salivating mouths all over the world, just like strawberries are.  Why combine the two into an unnatural Franken-fruit?  Well, because it can be done, of course.  They actually created the pseudo-food that is Franken Berry cereal too, you know.  Maybe this is much ado about nothing.  In fact, it probably is.  But, as a True Believer in strawberries, I can't help but think that mucking around with something so close to perfect is a bad thing.  This creation has been exported from Australia to Turkey and is now invading Russia and Eastern Europe.  You've been warned…

If you want more details, see the news article here: Bubblegum Strawberries

Franken Berry Monster Strawberries

3 comments to Franken Berry Monster Strawberries

  • Kris

    I’m with Jane.

    “Unfortunately, the latest upside down strawberry project to come from the land down under has resulted in the world’s first bubblegum-flavored scientifically “engineered” strawberry variety: Rubygem.”

    You called it “engineered”, which is at least meant to make people believe it’s GMO, which Rubygem is not. You’ve probably never eaten anything that wasn’t created through crossbreeding, which nature does whether humans intervene or not, so implying that this is anything but natural is inaccurate.

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Thanks for trolling! If you are going to put yourself in a position to criticize simple strawberry enthusiasts, at least try an age-old and very “old-fashioned” practice before plying your trade: reading. Please re-read that which you apparently didn’t read before hastily and indignantly chastising. I’ll give you a minute or two. … Ok, now! Where exactly did I say that Rubygem is a genetically-modified variety? As for the facts, can you quote anything in this brief article that is errant? If so, I’ll modify my article. If not, feel free to take your indignation somewhere it is more desperately needed. There are plenty of Straw Men for you to construct and then slay elsewhere. Good luck!

  • Jane

    Rubygem is not a genetically modified variety, where did you even get that idea? If you’re going to put yourself in a position to inform people about strawberries, try to at least make a minimal effort to get your facts straight. It’s not “old-fashioned”, it’s willfully ignorant.

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