New Supplier of UK Pineberry Plants

new supplier of uk pineberry plantsIt is not common that a new, non-genetically modified food piques the interest of the population at large.  But, the delightful pineberry, with its pineapple-tinged strawberry flavor, has done just that.  Since its introduction several years ago, its popularity has done nothing but increase steadily.  In fact, its novelty is making its popularity soar.  A white strawberry with red seeds that tastes unlike any other strawberry?  Amazing!

While the pineberry was basically unknown prior to its commercial release in the UK, once it was released, the market has not been able to keep up with demand.  Even now there are relatively few suppliers of this unique, hybrid strawberry variety.  The suppliers, however, are slowly catching up with demand as both big and small players are getting in on the act.  In fact, there is a new supplier in the UK who is offering a pack of three potted plants for a very reasonable price at present.  You can see the details here: Pineberry Plants

For more history of the humble pineberry plant, suppliers in the United States and other countries, and to learn more about what makes pineberry plants so special, be sure to check out the reference article here: Pineberry Pineberries.

2 comments to New Supplier of UK Pineberry Plants

  • Mr. Strawberry

    I’m sorry to hear about your plants. Both disease and parasite infestations can often be transmitted to daughter plants, so I would recommend starting with certified disease-free plants next growing season. Good luck!

  • anubeon

    Hmm… I ordered a similar looking variety called Snow White. They had the same ‘pineapple flavour tinge’ selling point as this Pineberry variety does. I wonder if they are one in the same (with Snow White simply a re-branding) or whether they are related. Hmm…

    Sadly, my Snow Whites (beset by heavy rain, stodgy compost and my naivety in growing them under polyethylene in a partially shaded area of the garden for the first few months) aren’t doing so well. I think that they’re suffering from black root rot. Only question I have now is, will the fungi/bacterium/nematodes/etc. responsible for the black root rot in the parent plants be transmitted, via the runners, to any and all daughter plants? I really want to salvage something from them for next year.

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