Strawberries Grown in Kenya

strawberries grown in kenyaThanks to the service of a few kind-hearted people, strawberries have been brought to Kenya to aid an orphanage.  Irish volunteers from Wexford brought strawberry plants to Kenya to fill a need and serve the community's demand for the tasty berries they produce.  The organization Humanitarian Volunteers worked at St. Paul's Children Care Centre in Nairobi to develop the project, and, hopefully, create a sustainable system by which the orphanage can generate revenue from strawberry sales to feed the hungry children.

For the whole story, be sure to check out the original article, which appeared on the Corey Guardian News site.  The full article can be found here: ‘Wexford' strawberries being grown in Kenya!

2 comments to Strawberries Grown in Kenya

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Andrew mwangi,
    I personally do not sell or ship seedlings. There are quite a few suppliers, however. I’d recommending contact them by looking up the variety you would like to order on the Buy Strawberry Plants page and seeing if they can ship to you. Good luck!

  • Andrew mwangi

    I would love to grow strawberry in large scale but finding the seedlings it has been a hectic hustle… Kindly advice the whereabouts n how we can get the seedlings..

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