Millions of Strawberry Plants…Planted by Hand

millions of strawberry plants planted by handThe article linked in this post makes a few political comments, and it is not the place for this website to delve deeply into the treacherous currents of political discourse.  However, the linked article points out a few of the difficulties associated with growing strawberries commercially.  First and foremost of the difficulties is that strawberry plants are too delicate to plant via mechanized system.

They have to be planted by hand.

So, when the millions upon millions of strawberry plants are planted each year for the annualized plasticulture growing systems, they are inserted into the soil by human digits.  That can make for some tired phalanges.  For a better idea of how the planting process works, watch this video, and then click the link below to proceed straight to the full article:



The full article can be viewed here: 200 Million Plants, All Planted by Hand!

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