Are Fragaria vesca Strawberries the Same As the Pineberry?

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Q: Are Fragaria vesca Strawberries the Same As the Pineberry?

On May 20, 2013, Eva asked:

My dad got me some pineberry seeds that he bought online, can i grow them? and if so how
BTW it says on it its Fragaria Versca.

Answer to: Are Fragaria vesca Strawberries the Same As the Pineberry?

You can grow those seeds, assuming they are viable. Fragaria vesca is, however, not the same thing as the Pineberry. With the popularity of the Pineberry increasing because of its unique qualities, some less scrupulous people are renaming any white strawberry they find as the Pineberry. Pineberries are a hybrid (Fragaria x ananassa), and will not grow true from seed. Fragaria vesca is more commonly known as the Alpine Strawberry, WILL typically grow true from seed, and IS NOT the same thing as this Pineberry. For help on how to grow strawberry plants from seed, see the Strawberry Seeds reference page.  And, of course, good luck with growing your strawberry plants!

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2 thoughts on “Are Fragaria vesca Strawberries the Same As the Pineberry?

  1. If Pineberry seeds are not Fragaria Vesca then what are they. According to the USDA it is the latin name that needs to appear on the packet description.

    • Cassandra,
      Pineberries are Fragaria x ananassa hybridized strawberries, not Fragaria vesca, which is a species.

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