Can I Buy Pineberry Seeds?

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Q: Can I Buy Pineberry Seeds?

On February 7, 2011, Angela asked:

I wanted to buy pineberry seeds for shipment to Northern Spain. Can you supply or provide a supplier. Thank you.

Answer to: Can I Buy Pineberry Seeds?

Pineberries are a hybrid strawberry. Hybrid strawberries will not grow true from seed. So, even if you were to obtain pineberry seeds from someone who offered them for sale, they would likely not produce plants and fruit like you would expect. This is discussed more fully on the Pineberry Seeds page. Although you will likely encounter frustration if you decide to buy pineberry seeds online from a supposed retailer of such, you can buy the actual plants from numerous retailers. Getting them to you in Spain might take some effort depending on European Union shipping qualifications and customs requirements. Getting them from the United States may be more challenging.  See the Shipping Strawberry Plants page for more details, and good luck!

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