Strawberries and Cancer

strawberries and cancerEveryone loves strawberries, and cancer is universally abhorred.  Ever since it was theorized that eating strawberries prevents cancer, more and more research has been undertaken to discover the potential cancer-fighting properties and medicinal compounds contained within the delightful fruits plucked from strawberry plants around the world.  The ongoing research is quite exciting.

As it turns out, strawberries and cancer are being researched together due to the possible health benefits of strawberries.  In fact, early results of experiments using freeze-dried strawberries and strawberry extracts along with cancer cell cultures have been quite promising.  This post is a brief summary of some of the recent study results that have involved strawberries.

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Medicinal Uses of Strawberry Plants

medicinal uses of strawberry plantsThe various parts of strawberry plants have long been used in various herbal remedies or traditional medicines.  From tinctures to strawberry tea, the medicinal uses of strawberry plants and strawberries have quite a history (see the Strawberry Plant page for more strawberry history and folklore).  What is not known by most strawberry enthusiasts is just how extensive the potential uses of stawberry plants are.

In the Compounds in Strawberry Plants post, all of the known strawberry plant compounds are listed.  Each one is accompanied by a notation of the part of the strawberry plant in which it is found.  Many also have minimum and maximum expected concentrations.  Here you find a listing of the chemical activities of strawberry plants.  The table below provides a list of all 721 known biological activities of the various strawberry plant chemicals and compounds.

The medicinal uses of strawberries would be synonymous with the first column.  The parenthesis indicates how many components in the strawberry plant are known to have that biological activity characteristic.  The specific compounds that have the action are then listed next to the activity.

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Compounds in Strawberry Plants

compounds in strawberry plantsStrawberry plants are relatively small: usually around a foot tall, give or take a few inches.  Yet, within this small package, numerous compounds in strawberry plants have been discovered and cataloged.  With an increased interest in herbal remedies using strawberry plant parts this sortable list can be of use to a researcher.

I do not advocate self-diagnosis or self-treatment of medical conditions.  However, this table may help you discover compounds in strawberry plants that may have positive health benefits.  So, use and peruse the table at your own risk.  The first column has the scientific name of each compound, the second lists the part of the plant where the compound is located, the third lists the lowest measured concentration in parts per million of the compound that was discovered in testing, the fourth lists the highest measured concentration, and the fifth lists the reference source.

For educational purposes only, you can view this list of Medicinal Uses for Strawberry Plants as well after perusing the table below.

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Are Organic Strawberry Plants Better?

are organic strawberry plants betterPeople often debate the relative merits of buying organic fruits and vegetables versus conventional ones.  People coming to this site often ask, “Are organic strawberry plants better than non-organic ones?”  Opinions vary as much as people do, and it is often hard to answer objectively.

Proponents of organic strawberry plants say that organic farming produces healthier fruits, use more sustainable agricultural practices, and keep toxins out of both the fruits and the people who consume them.  Supporters of conventional agriculture claim fad status for organic farming and say that “this too shall pass.”  They claim that organic farming costs the consumer more and offers no tangible benefits.

Due to the complexity of agricultural ecosystems, it has been tremendously difficult to wade through the propaganda of each side and rely on the scientific data.  Well, times are a changin’.  A new study has cut through the fog…

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Strawberry Plants and Vitamin C

strawberry plants and vitamin cStrawberries are a good source of Vitamin C.  But, like any other living organisms, strawberry plants are not uniform.  Each variety will produce strawberries with differing levels of Vitamin C based upon that variety’s genetic makeup.  In fact, there are several different factors that will affect the vitamin composition that strawberry plants will develop into their berries.

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Strawberry Buying Guide

strawberry buying guideDidn’t Plant Any Strawberry Plants?

Here at Strawberry Plants .org, we would like to see everyone with half of a square foot of dirt plant their own strawberry plants and reap their own fresh-picked strawberry harvest.  But, life is busy, and most people will end up buying their strawberries off the shelf at a grocery store.  This is post is a guide for picking strawberries off the shelf and will help you make the most of your strawberry purchases!

Strawberries Are on Strawberry Plants before They Reach the Shelf!

When purchasing strawberries at a grocery store, it is important to understand from where the strawberries came.  They were, of course, most likely grown on strawberry plants in some field somewhere.  It is unlikely that the strawberry variety (the specific cultivar) will be listed on the packaging.  It is also unlikely that all of the methods used to grow the strawberries will be listed anywhere.  That’s too bad.

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Prevent Cancer by Eating Strawberries

It May Be Possible to Prevent Cancer by Eating Strawberries

prevent cancer by eating strawberrieseat strawberries to prevent cancerCancer claims the lives of thousands of people every day.  What if it was possible to prevent cancer by eating strawberries?  Well, it may be possible by using those small berries produced on strawberry plants on a regular basis.  Here is why:

Our bodies have around 60,000 miles of blood vessels.  That is enough to circle the earth twice, if stretched end-to-end.  These blood conduits adapt to the type of tissue and part of the body in which they reside.  In short, they keep us alive and help heal our wounds. Continue reading Prevent Cancer by Eating Strawberries