Strawberry Plants and Vitamin C

strawberry plants and vitamin cStrawberries are a good source of Vitamin C.  But, like any other living organisms, strawberry plants are not uniform.  Each variety will produce strawberries with differing levels of Vitamin C based upon that variety’s genetic makeup.  In fact, there are several different factors that will affect the vitamin composition that strawberry plants will develop into their berries.

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Prevent Cancer by Eating Strawberries

It May Be Possible to Prevent Cancer by Eating Strawberries

prevent cancer by eating strawberrieseat strawberries to prevent cancerCancer claims the lives of thousands of people every day.  What if it was possible to prevent cancer by eating strawberries?  Well, it may be possible by using those small berries produced on strawberry plants on a regular basis.  Here is why:

Our bodies have around 60,000 miles of blood vessels.  That is enough to circle the earth twice, if stretched end-to-end.  These blood conduits adapt to the type of tissue and part of the body in which they reside.  In short, they keep us alive and help heal our wounds.

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Strawberry Flowers

strawberry flowersStrawberry Flowers: Introduction

Strawberry flowers are the means by which strawberry plants ultimately produce fruit.  But, they are tremendously intricate.  The basics of strawberry flowers will be briefly discussed here, including how they grow from strawberry plants and what to do with them (and when).

Origins of Strawberry Flowers

Strawberry flowers have an interesting life.  Different types of strawberry plants produce them at different times.  But, since the June-bearing strawberry has captured the hearts and minds of most gardeners who plant strawberry plants, its flowers will be the focus of this post.

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Strawberry Plant

Introduction to the Strawberry Plant Page

Do you want to learn about the strawberry plant? If you are seeking knowledge or information about the strawberry fruit or strawberry plant, you’ve landed in the right spot! This site (Strawberry Plants .org) will provide as much information as possible to help you understand the intricacies of strawberry plants.

We are passionate about everything related to the strawberry plant here. We hope that passion shines through. We are glad that you have found us and hope to be able to serve your informational needs. We want to see more people gain a respect for and interest in strawberry plants. If you have a question about the strawberry plant or the delicious fruit they produce, feel free to ask!

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What Are Strawberry Runners? (Stolons)

Most of the commonly cultivated varieties of strawberry plants (Fragaria x ananassa) will produce “runners” as a means of propagating themselves.  Anyone who grows strawberries is probably familiar with the term and, at some point, probably experienced at least a twinge of curiosity regarding them.  You may have even asked yourself, “Exactly what are strawberry runners ?”  Be curious no longer, for you are about to find out!

strawberry plant runners

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