Pineberries! Try Pineberry Plants in 2012

In the United States, just about every home gardener cuts his or her teeth with tomatoes and peppers when entering into the world of gardening for the first time.  And, for years afterward, those plants yield bountifully and are a productive stable.  For those gardeners who are ready to branch out, I have a […]

Hurry: Fall Strawberry Plants

It isn’t too late to order your fall strawberry plants, but time is dwindling.  If you want to harvest nice, juicy, plump strawberries the first spring after planting, September is when you should plant.  Sure, gardening isn’t on most people’s minds as the weather cools and football games are in full swing.  But, a […]

Popular Strawberry Varieties

popular strawberry varietiesIf you are looking for guidance on which strawberry varieties will grow well where you live, you have come to the right place.  Strawberry Plants .org has numerous resources that will help you find whatever it is that you need, as long as it is related to strawberries or strawberry plants.  One of the most common problems a gardener encounters is finding an appropriate strawberry cultivar.

There are numerous strawberry varieties in existence.  Finding the right one for your conditions can be difficult.  The best place to start is likely to find which varieties are recommended for your state (see the recommended strawberry varieties page).  But, if you want to just go with the flow, the varieties listed below are the most popular varieties offered by nurseries selling strawberry plants directly to the public.

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White Strawberries

white strawberriesWhat do you think of when you hear the word “strawberry?”  You think of springtime fun, the first harvest of the year, and, above all else, plump and juicy RED fruit with an exquisite taste, right?  Strawberries are synonymous with the color red.  However, what is  not known by most is that there are numerous white strawberries as well.  In fact, some entire species of Fragaria are white.

If you want to learn about the different types of white strawberries, grow them, or buy the plants quickly and easily, you will be able to do so quickly and easily with the information available on Strawberry Plants .org.  This page is your gateway to everything related to the white strawberry and white strawberry varieties.

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Buy Strawberry Plants

buy strawberry plantsThere are countless thousands of online merchants these days, and they sell every imaginable product, item, thingamajig, and plant.  Of course, you can buy strawberry plants online these days too.  In fact, there are a host of sellers of strawberry plants just waiting for you to hit their homepage.  Well, do you want to know where to buy strawberry plants?  Look no further.  You can use this page to purchase strawberry plants according to the specific variety or varieties you want at the best possible price.  The work has been done for you!  Just click the name of the strawberry variety in the table below for which you are looking, and you will jump to a table listing all the known merchants who offer that variety of strawberry plants for sale.

How to Use the Buy Strawberry Plants Page

where to buy strawberry plants onlineTo make the most of this directory, you need to know which type of strawberry you need and which cultivar you want.  To understand the differences, and to get an idea of varieties that will work for you and your circumstances, first visit the Strawberry Varieties page.  If you don't care much about learning the specifics, you can go with one or two of the Recommended Strawberry Varieties for Your Location.  Once you know what you are looking for, come back here and find the best price for strawberry plants by comparing prices for each and every variety you want.  Once you find a nursery, farm, or supplier with whom you are comfortable doing business, you can find all the varieties they offer by looking them up in the Strawberry Plants for Sale directory (they are in alphabetical order).

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Say Hello to Mr. Pineberry

It’s STRAWBERRY ORDERING TIME!  People all over are in full strawberry-buying mode.  Strawberries are the first crop to come in after a long, cold winter.  They are planted as soon as the ground can be worked in the spring, and the following year they burst forth and produce a blessed harvest, often while […]

Organic Strawberry Plants

organic strawberry plantsMany health-conscious consumers are stampeding to the health food stores and the organic sections of grocery stores these days.  There are many valid concerns raised by those who prefer to keep unwanted chemicals out of their bodies.  Many home gardeners share the urge to keep contaminants out of the produce they grow.  This urge is intensified for growers of strawberries.  In fact, there are many good reasons to grow your own strawberries.  But, most nurseries that offer strawberry plants for sale do not help the conscientious gardener by offering organically grown plants.

Fear not, ye strawberry enthusiast!  If you are looking to buy organic strawberry plants, simply look below.  The known suppliers of organic strawberry plants are listed below.

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Shipping Strawberry Plants

shipping strawberry plantsShipping strawberry plants within a country is generally relatively easy to do, IF there is a reliable and trustworthy shipping service/system in place.  However, shipping strawberry plants (or any other plants) across international borders is quite a bit more difficult to pull off successfully.  I often get requests from people all over the world asking how they can get strawberry plants shipped to them.  To understand what is involved with shipping strawberry plants internationally or domestically, just keep reading!

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Pineberry Seeds for Sale

pineberry seeds for saleI have received several requests from people looking for pineberry seeds for sale.  Over the last year or two, many people have become interested in the “new” strawberry hybrid that has white accessory flesh and bright red seeds.  The introduction of these pineberries into the commercial retail store chain Waitrose in the United Kingdom (albeit on a limited basis) caused a surge of interest.

The unique selling point for pineberries is their unusual flavor.  They have a flavor that is a fusion of traditional strawberry flavor with pineapple overtones.  Hence, the pineapple + strawberry = pineberry.  The pineberry has been billed as a new strawberry variety.  In fact, that is not quite accurate.  While new to the commercial markets, it is actually quite old.  But, as this post deals with why it is so hard to find pineberry seeds for sale, please refer to the longer post that deals with the history and confusion surrounding this cultivar here: Pineberry Pineberries.

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Fall Strawberry Plants

fall strawberry plantsPlanting strawberry plants in the fall is a good idea.  However, most home gardeners get excited about their gardens toward the end of the winter months and don't plan far enough ahead to plant strawberries during the autumn months of the previous year.

There are two main consequences of this widespread pattern:

1. Most home gardeners miss out on a healthy crop of strawberries during the first year (growing season) they are planted.

2. It is harder to find strawberry plants for sale in the fall months simply due to supply and demand.  Demand is much less, so supply is much less.

This post is for those people looking to plant strawberry plants in the fall so that they can reap a healthy harvest of strawberries during the gardening season the following spring/summer.  Below you will find some helpful reminders and information, as well as a list of suppliers who offer fall strawberry plants for sale.

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