Strawberry Preserves Recipes

strawberry preserves recipesStrawberry picking is almost a national pastime.  Not to exaggerate, but it is even somewhat of a rite of passage for thousands of kids each year.  Plucking ripe strawberries from rows of strawberry plants (and munching on them in the process) is a delightful childhood memory for countless numbers of strawberry lovers.  But, most of us also think of something else when we think of the gentle “snap, snap, snap” that signifies strawberry plants releasing their harvest to happy pickers: strawberry preserves!

The number one purpose for strawberries not eaten fresh after being picked from a Pick-Your-Own Farm (or otherwise obtained) is use in one of the multitudinous strawberry preserves recipes available today.  This post is here to serve as a directory for delicious strawberry preserves recipes.

Everyone knows that strawberry plants make strawberries, and everyone knows that you have to have strawberries to make a strawberry preserves recipe.  So, peruse this directory of recipes if you are looking for strawberry jam recipes, strawberry jelly recipes, or other strawberry preserves recipes.  If you don't want create a tasty strawberry spread to slather upon toast or another object, there are many other Strawberry Recipes available that call for strawberries, and each will delight your taste buds!

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Strawberry Dessert Recipes

strawberry dessert recipesStrawberry plants and strawberries have long been used for medicinal and culinary uses.  It didn't take long, however, to realize that the sweet fruit is unsurpassed as a component of desserts.  This page is all about such strawberry dessert recipes.  If you are looking for different types of strawberry dishes, many more can be found here: Strawberry Recipes.

However, if you are looking for sweet, after-meal delights, you are in the right spot!  Strawberry dessert recipes you can access from this page include strawberry shortcake recipes, recipes for chocolate covered strawberries, strawberry cake recipes, strawberry cheesecake recipes, strawberry cream recipes, strawberry chiffon recipes, strawberry custard recipes, strawberry fudge recipes, strawberry mousse recipes, and even strawberry tart recipes.

Whether you have a bucket of strawberries you just picked off the strawberry plants yourself, or are planning on buying strawberries from the grocery store, this page can help you make the most of your haul!

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Traditional Strawberry Shortcake

traditional strawberry shortcakeMost people have never seen strawberry plants growing in a field.  However, nearly everyone has seen a strawberry.  And, if you were to ask many of those people what strawberries are used for, many will give the all-American answer: STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE!

The mere mention of this spring dessert delight makes many a mouth water profusely.  Well, if you happen to be one of those, satisfy your watering mouth with this delicious, traditional strawberry shortcake recipe.  (Sometimes, traditional strawberry shortcake recipes are called “original” strawberry shortcake recipes).

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Strawberry Breads Recipes

strawberry breads recipesEveryone knows that strawberry plants make strawberries.  But, what do strawberries make?  Just about anything!  Most have used the small, conical fruits from the strawberry plants for the mainstays like strawberry shortcake and strawberry smoothies.  There are, however, many more Strawberry Recipes that call for strawberries and will delight your taste buds!

This page is dedicated to strawberry breads recipes.  The combination of strawberries and grains can produce some of the most tasteful culinary delights anywhere.  So, peruse this directory of recipes if you are looking for strawberry bread recipes, strawberry crepe recipes, strawberry muffin recipes, strawberry pancake recipes, or other similar recipes!

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Strawberry Bread Recipe

strawberry bread recipeWhen most people think of strawberry plants and strawberries, they think of eating the tasty red fruits raw or in a dessert dish.  Never does the thought enter in that there might be other culinary uses for strawberries.  Believe it or not, one of the most delicious uses of strawberries is to make strawberry bread.  Typically, those who bake strawberry bread do so intending to enjoy it as a breakfast.  However, this strawberry bread recipe will satisfy first thing in the morning, as a midnight snack, or anytime in between.

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Other Strawberry Recipes

other strawberry recipesSometimes, the same old uses for strawberry plants' fruits just won't do.  Variety is the spice of life, right?  This page just may help you find a delightful use of a few strawberries.  It is a sub-directory of our main Strawberry Recipes page that contains many more traditional and easily-categorized recipes.  So, if you don't find what you are looking for here, try the main directory.

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Strawberry Recipes

strawberry recipesIntroduction to the Strawberry Recipes Page

Strawberry plants can produce a prolific number of strawberries if grown correctly.  And, fresh strawberries are a delightful treat.  Sometimes, however, the little strawberry plants can produce so many berries you either can’t or don’t want to eat them all straight off the plants.  Fear not!  You are in the right spot.  This site (Strawberry Plants .org) will help you use your extra strawberries in new and creative ways.  The goal of this page is to quickly direct you to strawberry recipes for every occasion or need you may have.

How the Strawberry Recipes Page Works

This main Strawberry Recipes page serves as a top-level directory and hub for a multitude of different types of strawberry recipes.  Strawberry recipes will continue to be added, so if you don’t find what you are looking for, post a comment and request a specific strawberry recipe.

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Strawberry Beverage Recipes

strawberry beverage recipesFor some reason, the small, usually-conical fruits from strawberry plants are delightfully delicious when incorporated into various liquid concoctions.  This page is a sub-directory of our main Strawberry Recipes page that contains strawberry beverage recipes.  If you are looking for strawberry smoothie recipes, strawberry shake recipes, or strawberry tea recipes, you’ve come to the right place!  If you are looking for more adult strawberry beverage recipes, you can click this link for “harder” strawberry drink recipes (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic).

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Strawberry Drink Recipes

strawberry drink recipesStrawberries have long been used to spice up adult beverages.  If you are looking for an alcoholic strawberry drink recipe, non-alcoholic strawberry drink recipe, or a strawberry wine recipe, look no further.  This page is a sub-directory of our Strawberry Recipes page devoted to strawberry drink recipes.  If you are looking for more kid-friendly options, check out the strawberry beverage recipes instead.  And, remember, always drink responsibly.  Drunkenness does no one any good.

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How Many Strawberries Needed to Make Strawberry Pie?

how many strawberries needed to make strawberry pieStrawberry season is upon us!  Many people go to their local strawberry farmer's U-Pick field around this time to pick as many strawberries off of the strawberry plants as they can use.  Since strawberries do not have a long shelf-life, they need to be used rather quickly after picking.  Picked strawberries, in general, should be used or processed within 2 or 3 days after being plucked from the strawberry plant.

To save your harvest for later use, you can either learn how to freeze strawberries, or you can use them to create dishes or desserts.  When using strawberries in dishes, you may need to refer to the strawberry conversions, substitutions, and equivalents list to get the measurements just right.  And, you might also be wondering how many strawberries are needed to make strawberry pie.

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How to Freeze Strawberries

how to freeze strawberriesThere are several good reasons to freeze your own strawberries.  Strawberries picked fresh and frozen at home taste much better than any of the pre-packaged frozen strawberries you can buy in the store.  Plus, freezing your own fresh strawberries is a great way to have delicious, good-for-you fruit during the winter months.  Strawberries are much less expensive during their normal productive season, so freezing them then and thawing for use during the off-season can also save money.

While freezing strawberries does not make them sterile, it does prevent bacteria and fungi from growing and causing the fruits to spoil.  Frozen strawberries won't keep forever, but they will remain usable long enough to make the freezing process worthwhile.  This post will cover the basics of how to freeze strawberries, step by step.  If you want a much more detailed description and instructions for the different freezing methods, see the Freezing Strawberries reference page.  (This same process used for freezing strawberries can be used for freezing blueberries, freezing raspberries, or freezing just about any other kind of berry.)

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Strawberry Measures Conversions, Substitutions & Equivalents

Strawberry Conversions, Substitutions, and EquivalentsJust about everyone loves the sweet taste of ripe strawberries.  But, sometimes recipes have been devised that require just the right amount of just the right form of strawberries.  It can be confusion trying to juggle numbers and equations in one’s head while juggling berries, measuring cups, and other kitchen implements with one’s hands.

To simplify the process of cooking with strawberries, we are going to break it down for you.  You can even print this post out and stick it with your favorite recipes that call for strawberries if you’d like.  Here is what you need to know when measuring strawberries, doing strawberry conversions, or working out strawberry equivalents for your culinary creations:

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