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We have multiple directories here at Strawberry Plants .org. We have a directory of suppliers who offer Strawberry Plants for Sale Online, a directory of local nurseries that offer Strawberry Plants for Sale by State, and a directory of Pick Your Own Strawberries. You DO NOT have to be the owner or a representative of the organization submitted in order to submit them.  You don't even have to like strawberry plants! Our goal is to provide a list as comprehensive as possible to facilitate the enjoyment of strawberries as extensively as possible. We need help! So, please feel free to submit any strawberry-related operations or farms that you are aware of below in the appropriate form. Continue reading Submit or Suggest to Strawberry Plants .org!

Strawberry UPC Codes

strawberry UPC codesMost store-bought packages of strawberries do not provide a lot of detailed information on the strawberries themselves.  They usually have a brand name, price tag, and logo.  If you want to find out the origin of strawberries you are buying, you’ll likely have difficulty.

However, there is a way to find out more about the details and location of the strawberry plants that produced the strawberries you buy in the store: decode the UPC code!  Using the UPC code from the package and the table on this post, you can find out some valuable information regarding where the strawberry plants were planted, some information about specific varieties, and other information as well.

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Welcome to Strawberry Plants .org!

welcome to strawberry plants .org

Welcome to the last source you will ever need for information about strawberry plants!  You have likely eaten your fair share of those delightful red berries, and we hope to encourage you to learn as much as you can about the flavorful fruits and the strawberry plants that produce them.  We exist to spread […]