Fast Chocolate Covered Strawberries Recipe

fast chocolate covered strawberries recipeIt may seem like a tedious and daunting task to create your own chocolate covered strawberries.  Especially around Valentine's Day, many boxes of snazzy and beautiful gourmet chocolate covered strawberries are created by confectioners for people to give to one another as tokens of love or affection or appreciation.  When the exquisite appearance is marred by teeth marks, the consumer tends to get even more happy than previously when the eyes were beholding the beauty of choco-strawberry yumminess.  Bite-sized (for those with large oral capacities), bursting with juicy richness, and melding flavors perfectly, chocolate and strawberries seem to be made to go together.

So, for those too frugal to break the bank for the high-dollar, top-of-the-line dressed up chocolate strawberries, this recipe is for you.  Plus, few normal working people have the time to spend hours in the kitchen drizzling patterns over uneven surfaces.  This fast chocolate covered strawberries recipe will give you all the goodness without all the tedious work.

And, of course, don't forget that this is just one of many extraordinary recipes available for your enjoyment on  If you are looking for other culinary uses for your extra strawberries, be sure to see the complete Strawberry Recipes section.

Fast Chocolate Covered Strawberries Recipe

This super recipe is simple enough for a 10-year old to master.  So, if you have some spare kids laying around the house eatin' up all the food, let them earn their keep by making a few batches of these treats.  Just remind them that the cook gets to sample the goods, and you may have more volunteers on your hands than you can handle!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Ingredients

12 fresh strawberries with stems intact

6 ounces of semi-sweet chocolate chips

Fast Chocolate Covered Strawberries Recipe Directions

Wash and thoroughly dry your strawberries, but leave the stems/hulls intact.  Place the 12 dry strawberries in the refrigerator so that they will be chilled when ready for the chocolate covering.  Line a baking sheet with no-stick parchment paper or wax paper.  Next melt the strawberries.  You can either use a small saucepan and stir over low heat until completely melted or use a microwave.  If you use a microwave, put the chocolate chips into a microwaveable bowl, heat for thirty seconds, remove, stir, and repeat for another 30 seconds.  Continue at 30-second intervals until all the chips are melted and smooth.  Once your chocolate chips are melted into a smooth puddle, remove the strawberries from the freezer.  Holding each by the stem, gently dip them into the chocolate while letting the excess drip back into the bowl/saucepan.  Once dipped, place the now chocolate-covered strawberries onto the baking sheet.  Try to do this as quickly as you can until all 12 strawberries are coated evenly.  Then, put the baking sheet into the refrigerator, and allow them to cool for at least 30 minutes.  When the timer dings, pull them out and eat them up!  Obviously, this fast chocolate covered strawberries recipe makes 12.

Additional Notes on this Chocolate Covered Strawberry Recipe

It is important to use near-perfect strawberries if you are going for aesthetic appeal as well as tastiness.  Strawberries that are excessively lumpy or bumpy will cause uneven coating and are also messier as additional chocolate accumulates in the crevasses on the surface of lumpy berries and will have a tendency to run off the fruit and onto your baking sheet or no-stick paper.  Also, best results are attained when the strawberries are cold.  The lower surface temperature of the refrigerated berries helps cool the chocolate more quickly on the initial dip, thus allowing quicker and more even coating.  Do NOT freeze the berries, however.  The frozen berries will lose their shape somewhat, and they will be soggy/squishy when eating instead of firm beneath the chocolate.  You likely won't have to worry about this as they tend to disappear rather quickly, but you should eat the final product rather soon.  After a few days in the refrigerator, they lose a bit of their appeal.  Also, just like most of the other Strawberry Recipes, this one can be easily modified.  For varied tastes, you can try adding extra sweeteners.  For those conscious about the amount of refined table sugar they consume, feel free to try organic evaporated cane juice crystals, turbinado, sucanat, honey crystals, brown sugar, or even stevia to give unique and varied accents to this quick strawberry recipe.

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