Growing Strawberries in Arkansas

This document was published by a cooperative effort by the University of Arkansas, United States Department of Agriculture, and County Governments.  It was written by Keith L. Striegler, University of Arkansas Extension Specialist for Fruit Crops.  The information contained within the publication is written for and intended for use by those seeking to garden in Arkansas.  However, the principles and guidance offered will assist most strawberry growers in general and will specifically help anyone in climates similar to those in Arkansas.  Each of the following categories is covered in the publication:

Growing Strawberries in Arkansas: The Basics

1. A basic guide for growing strawberries in Arkansas.  Site selection, planting advice, soil management, and renovation are briefly covered.  Additionally, a brief guide about fertilizing Arkansas strawberries is given.  Harvesting is discussed, and diagrams for both barrel planters and pyramid planters are provided.

Strawberry Varieties for Arkansas

2. There is also a discussion of the best strawberry varieties for Arkansas. The full link, in .pdf form, can be accessed through the resource link at the end of this post. The recommended Arkansas strawberry varieties are also listed with a brief discussion of the benefits of each.  Thay are: Earliglow, Cardinal, Delmarvel, Lateglow, Latestar, Noreaster.

Arkansas Strawberries: Conclusion

Details about each of the strawberry varieties listed above are available by clicking the resource link below. Included in the information are details about each variety, including resistance information. Additionally, a host of other information regarding these and other varieties is available on the Strawberry Varieties reference page.

If you aren’t from Arkansas, to find out which strawberry variety would grow well in your area, see here: Recommended Strawberry Varieties by State.

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  1. I am planning to make a 5’x16′ extension to my backyard vegetable garden. This area will be designated for strawberry plants only. At a 5′ width, I assume I have only enough width for two rows of plants. What should the spacing be between those rows? I am a organic gardener. The 5’x16′ extension will get all new soil. What type of soil mixture should I use for the strawberries? When do I plant?
    Thank you…

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