Growing Strawberries in Missouri

This Horticultural MU Guide was published by the University of Missouri Extension and is entitled Home Fruit Production: Strawberry Cultivars and Their Culture.  It was reviewed by Michele R. Warmund, Professor and State Fruit Extension Specialist in the Division of Plant Sciences at the University of Missouri.

The publication contributes the following information on growing strawberries in Missouri:

1.  Appropriate considerations that should be undertaken prior to planting.  It covers site selection, soil testing, deciding how many strawberries to plant, and strawberry plants for Missouri and those well-suited to its climate.  It covers June-bearing strawberry varieties for Missouri: Earliglow, Cardinal, Lateglow, Honeoye, Surecrop, Redchief, Allstar, Guardian, Jewel, and Sparkle.  It also discusses everbearing and day-neutral strawberry varieties for Missouri: Ogallala, Ozark Beauty, Tribute, and Tristar.

2.  A strawberry planting guide is also presented with a graphical depth guide and a written row layout guide.  Additionally, first year care is discussed, and diagrams illustrating how to train strawberry runners is presented alongside information on mulching strawberries.

3.  Second and third year care is also documented for growing strawberries in Missouri.  Insect control, strawberry renovation, and dealing with the common strawberry pests in Missouri are discussed.  A discussion of the causes of deformed strawberries ends the publication.

If you are not from Missouri and are seeking to find out which strawberry variety would grow well in your area, see here: Recommended Strawberry Varieties by State.

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