How Many Strawberries Needed to Make Strawberry Pie?

how many strawberries needed to make strawberry pieStrawberry season is upon us!  Many people go to their local strawberry farmer's U-Pick field around this time to pick as many strawberries off of the strawberry plants as they can use.  Since strawberries do not have a long shelf-life, they need to be used rather quickly after picking.  Picked strawberries, in general, should be used or processed within 2 or 3 days after being plucked from the strawberry plant.

To save your harvest for later use, you can either learn how to freeze strawberries, or you can use them to create dishes or desserts.  When using strawberries in dishes, you may need to refer to the strawberry conversions, substitutions, and equivalents list to get the measurements just right.  And, you might also be wondering how many strawberries are needed to make strawberry pie.

So, How Many Strawberries Needed to Make Strawberry Pie?

Fortunately, that question is relatively easy to answer.  For a standard 9-inch strawberry pie, it takes 1.5 quarts of fresh strawberries.  So, when you head off to pick at the strawberry farm, plan ahead and nab enough strawberries for an extra pie or two!

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