How Many Strawberry Plants to Feed a Family?

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Q: How Many Strawberry Plants to Feed a Family?

Amy asked:

How many straberries would it take to feed 5 people for 10 years?

Answer to: How Many Strawberry Plants to Feed a Family?

In general, you can expect most varieties of strawberry plants to produce about one quart of strawberries per plant. The care given to the plants in both August and September (when the perennating buds are developing that will turn into the following spring’s strawberry flowers, and eventually strawberries) and during the strawberry growing season (late winter through spring) also has a big impact on the quantity of strawberries produced. Generally speaking, for fresh consumption only, 30 to 35 well-cared-for strawberry plants should feed a family of five. If you plan on freezing strawberries, 50 to 60 strawberry plants would be more advisable. In order to maintain the vitality of the plants for ten years, you will need to harvest and re-plant the strawberry runners that the mother plants produce. To understand what is involved and how to do it, see this page: transplanting strawberries.  Good luck in your endeavors!

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