Native Japanese Strawberry Varieties?

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Q: Native Japanese Strawberry Varieties?

On August 11, 2010, Melvin Locke asked:

I would like to grow the Japanese strawberry varieties that are sweeter. How can I obtain bare root plants?

Answer to: Native Japanese Strawberry Varieties?

Thanks for visiting Strawberry Plants .org. Unfortunately, I do not know of a commercial supplier of bareroot native Japanese strawberry varieties. The most likely candidate for home growing, however, is the species Fragaria nipponica. Fragaria nipponica plants grow wild in a high elevation area (900-2800 m) near Mt. Fuji on Honshu, the southeast lowland areas of Hokkaido, and at the top of Mt. Miyanouradake on Yakushima Island. If you are adventurous and persistent, you can find bareroot plants by taking a trip to Japan and harvesting them yourself! But, I’m not sure you could sneak them back in through customs without permission. For more on what is involved with importing and exporting strawberry plants, this information might be helpful: Shipping Strawberry Plants.

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  1. aloha
    i am interested in growing strawberries on my land, about 1.5 acres. i need them for my yogurt shops for toppings and use about 1,200 pounds a month now. can i grow enough to take care of this need? i have been buying them from the local supplier who brings them in from california which is about 5 days old when i get them so looking for a fresher idea. can you help? i am on ohau, and the land is sandy . but black in color near the base of the mountain

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