North Carolina Strawberries

This webpage was written and produced by the North Carolina Strawberry Association.  While the material within pertains specifically to growing strawberries in North Carolina and the specific strawberry varieties that grow well in North Carolina, the information will apply equally to other regions with similar climates and growing conditions.

The publication contributes the following details on North Carolina strawberries and growing methods and cultivars used within the state:

1. A brief discussion of plasticulture practices (the most common method of growing strawberries in North Carolina) is presented.  The basic layout and techniques are presented.  The main benefit of plasticulture (increased production) is implied by the statistics on strawberry yield per acre.

2. The best strawberry varieties for North Carolina commercial growers are also discussed.  The time-tested and proven strawberry plant varieties that do well in NC and are widely planted are: Bish, Chandler, Camarosa, Galletta, and Sweet Charlie.  Other strawberry varieties that are successfully planted but not as widespread are: Albion, Camino Real, Gaviota, Seascape, Strawberry Festival, Treasure, Ventana, and a few other experimental strawberries.

3. A brief discussion of the matted row method of growing strawberries, including the per acre production of land planted in this fashion.

4. The most popular matted row strawberry varieties in NC are also referenced.  They are: Allstar, Delmarvel, Earliglow, Honeoye, and Jewel.  Also listed are strawberries popular in North Carolina with home gardeners: Apollo, Atlas, and Titan.

If you are not from North Carolina and are seeking to find out which strawberry variety would grow well in your area, see here: Recommended Strawberry Varieties by State.

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