Prevent Cancer by Eating Strawberries

It May Be Possible to Prevent Cancer by Eating Strawberries

prevent cancer by eating strawberrieseat strawberries to prevent cancerCancer claims the lives of thousands of people every day.  What if it was possible to prevent cancer by eating strawberries?  Well, it may be possible by using those small berries produced on strawberry plants on a regular basis.  Here is why:

Our bodies have around 60,000 miles of blood vessels.  That is enough to circle the earth twice, if stretched end-to-end.  These blood conduits adapt to the type of tissue and part of the body in which they reside.  In short, they keep us alive and help heal our wounds.

The process by which blood vessels grow and maintain their balance within a body is called angiogenesis.  Many disease processes are either directly caused or related to out-of-control blood vessel formation.  Cancer is one such disease.  Cancers generally can’t kill a person until they have developed their own blood supply through angiogenesis.  Once cancer cells have their own blood supply, they can grow and also spread (metastasize).

Ellagic Acid: Natural Chemotherapy

ellagic acidIt turns out that strawberries contain a potent anti-angiogenic compound called ellagic acid.  It has been shown in clinical studies that, in concentrations attainable through diet alone, this compound can prevent angiogenesis.  The ramifications of this are exciting.  Basically, eating strawberries can help prevent cancer or fight cancer!

But, anti-cancer claims are everywhere.  Don’t take just our word for it regarding the cancer-fighting properties of the strawberry.  To better understand the issue and see that the ellagic acid in strawberries can prevent cancer growth, watch this 20-minute TED talk by Dr. William Li entitled “Can We Eat to Starve Cancer?” here:

Everyone knows (or should know) that eating strawberries is good for one’s health.  But, as mentioned in the video, a strawberry may be more beneficial than we suspected.  So, incorporate more strawberries into your diet!  It definitely can’t hurt and may help your health in ways you never imagined!  Eat strawberries to prevent cancer and improve health?  That sounds good to us.

Of course, we’d recommend getting ellagic acid straight from the best-tasting and most natural source: fresh strawberries.  But, if you’d prefer, you can order online through HERE or HERE.

And, feel free to forward this post to anyone you wish.  Many places around the world have no access to any of the cancer-fighting medicines mentioned in the video.  They need natural chemotherapy alternatives.  For them, as well as people already diagnosed with cancer (wherever they may be), adding anti-angiogenic foods through diet can’t hurt and may help.

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