Renovating Strawberry Plants

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Renovating Strawberry Plants: Summary

This guide to renovating strawberries was published by the University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service and is entitled Renovating Strawberries in the Home Garden.  It was written by David W. Sams, Professor of Plant and Soil Science and was originally developed by Alvin Rutledge, also a Professor of Plant and Soil Science.

The publication contributes the following information on strawberry plant renovation:

1.  A brief discussion of what strawberry renovation is and the benefits of strawberry renovation.  Additionally, why renewal is possible is also probed.

2.  Practical guidance on the how-to of renovating strawberry plants.  Included is a prioritized, step-by-step list of the entire process.  Guidance on foliage clipping, fertilizing, narrowing strawberry rows, thinning weeds, appropriate watering, and side-dressing the strawberry plants with nitrogen at the appropriate time is also given.

3.  Also discussed is the length of time a strawberry grower can reasonably expect his strawberry plants to produce.  Included in the publication is an easy-to-understand diagram laying out an appropriate strawberry bed dimensions both before renovation and after renovating strawberry plants is complete.

For a significantly more detailed presentation of the traditional version of this process, view this post on Strawberry Renovation.

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