Sonata Variety Strawberry Problems?

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Q: Sonata Variety Strawberry Problems?

On August 11, 2010, Liz Miller asked:

I have an everbearing strawberry plant called Sonata.  I planted the plant in May, in its own box, and gave it the care and attention it needed.  But, all I seem to have gotten from this plant is runners and roots and no strawberries.  Where am I going wrong?  The plant is very healthy and has no diseases.

Answer to: Sonata Variety Strawberry Problems?

Thanks for visiting Strawberry Plants .org!  I think the main problem is that the strawberry cultivar ‘Sonata’ is not actually an everbearer.  It is a midseason June-bearer; consequently, Sonata strawberries typically won't produce if planted too late.  June-bearers planted in May might not fruit at all in year one (and probably shouldn’t – see the Growing Strawberries page), but they most certainly will produce a lot of runners.  Next year, however, you can expect a bountiful harvest as long as appropriate care is continued.  For other common problems that can cause strawberry plants to lack strawberries, click here: Strawberry Plants Aren’t Producing Strawberries.  And, to learn more about the various types and varieties of strawberries out there, see the Strawberry Varieties reference page.  I hope that helps!

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    • Tom,
      Not being an everbearer variety, Sonata plants may produce a smattering of berries throughout the year if grown optimally, but will have a major spring harvest with only occasional berries following. Good luck!

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