Strawberry Beverage Recipes

strawberry beverage recipesFor some reason, the small, usually-conical fruits from strawberry plants are delightfully delicious when incorporated into various liquid concoctions.  This page is a sub-directory of our main Strawberry Recipes page that contains strawberry beverage recipes.  If you are looking for strawberry smoothie recipes, strawberry shake recipes, or strawberry tea recipes, you’ve come to the right place!  If you are looking for more adult strawberry beverage recipes, you can click this link for “harder” strawberry drink recipes (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic).

Strawberry Beverage Recipes

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Strawberry Smoothie Recipes

Super Smooth Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie
If you are looking for a super smooth strawberry yogurt smoothie recipe, this is the best one. This strawberry yogurt smoothie is the king strawberry smoothie recipe.

Strawberry Ice Cream Smoothie
A delicious strawberry ice cream smoothie recipe! A strawberry smoothie recipe that hits the spot during hot afternoons.  Sure to be a favorite with the kids as well as adults!

Strawberry Juice Slushie
Looking for an easy strawberry juice slushie recipe?  Look no more!  This is a quick and easy strawberry recipe that is sure to please everyone who takes the first sip.  Try it!

Epic Strawberry Raspberry Smoothie
This epic strawberry raspberry smoothie recipe is the strawberry smoothie Jedi Knights recommend. No other strawberry or raspberry smoothie recipe will quote Yoda, I bet you a light-saber on it.

The Basic Strawberry Smoothie
What is the fastest recipe? Why, the basic strawberry smoothie recipe, of course! This quickie will give you a fantastic beverage at the expense of only seconds!

Strawberry Choconana Smoothie

Strawberry Shake Recipes

Strawberry Milkshake
An easy strawberry milkshake recipe.  This strawberry milk shake recipe is tremendously easy to prepare and is likely to become an insta-favorite.  Try this strawberry milkshake today!

Strawberry Tea Recipes

Strawberry Tea Recipe
Want a good strawberry tea recipe to make a cup of fresh strawberry tea? Look no further! This strawberry herbal infusion is sure to please. Learn more about strawberry “teas” here than you ever cared to know.

Other Strawberry Beverage Recipes

Sweet Strawberry Slush
Looking for a satisfying summer slushie? Try this super-fast sweet strawberry slush recipe. You are unlikely to score a more satisfying sweet strawberry slushie recipe anywhere!

Strawberry Passion Slurpie

Frothy Strawberry Orange Drink
This frothy strawberry orange drink recipe will be a hit with just about everyone on hot summer days. The neighborhood kids will be lined up and sweating dirt just to get a glass!

Strawnanaya: A Strawberry Banana Papaya Drink
Looking for a new papaya drink? Try the Strawnanaya.  It is a strawberry banana papaya drink! Sure to make your taste buds smile, this recipe is a simple and tasty one!

Strawberry Banana Drink Recipe
The best strawberry banana drink recipe ever! Try this delightful and easy strawberry banana drink recipe, and your mouth will sing as your tongue explodes with a song in two part harmony!

Strawberry Apple Banana Juice Recipe
Looking for a fast and easy strawberry apple banana juice recipe? This one meets the requirements. Super fast and super easy, this strawberry apple banana mix is all-natural too!

Strawberry and Fruit Surprise
This strawberry and fruit surprise recipe does not call for any screams, hairy spider legs, or practical joker friends. Just add the healthy ingredients, and the taste will surprise!

Strawberry Water Infusion
Waste not, want not. Use those extra and normally-discarded strawberry tops to make this delightful strawberry water infusion recipe. Recycled strawberries? Yum!

When you try one of the recipes, be sure to let us know how it turned out for you!  You can leave a comment on this strawberry beverage recipes post or use the About page to email.


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