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North Carolina State's Strawberry Information Portal: Summary

This resource is North Carolina State University's strawberry information hub.  Specific information for strawberry growers in North Carolina is available.  The site covers strawberry management, strawberry production, weather/climate, and provides helpful information for new strawberry growers.

Also, this website posts public advisory notices regarding weather conditions affecting strawberry crops in North Carolina, biographies of notable individuals in the North Carolina strawberry network, and provides multiple helpful links to strawberry growing resources.  The site also has videos to help visualize written explanations.

For a more information on strawberry plants, you can view the Strawberry Plant page.

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    • Lily,
      This site is geared mainly toward home gardeners. The best option for you if you want to make a run at a commercial venture is to contact your local Agricultural Extension and set up a time to meet with an Extension Agent. They will help you through all the planning, financial, and technical aspects of strawberry farming. Good luck!

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