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Growing Strawberries at Home: Summary

This resource is an overview of the main considerations when preparing and selecting strawberries to be grown in the home garden.  This resource is from the University of Minnesota Extension Service and was written by Doug S. Foulk, Emily E. Hoover, and Emily S. Tepe.  While the target audience is Minnesotans, strawberry growers in all regions with a similar climate will benefit equally from the material contained within.

This overview touches upon most aspects of growing strawberries at home.  It also links to additional resources.  Topics discussed are:

1. The popularity and practicality of growing strawberries and the main classification types of strawberries.

2. A list of strawberry cultivars that are suitable for growing in Minnesota.  Included in the list are: they type of the strawberry cultivar, the season in which the cultivar produces, the hardiness of the variety, and the texture, flavor, and resistance level to verticillium wilt.  For more information, see the Strawberry Varieties page.

3. Basic site selection and planting instructions for successful strawberry growth.  Also discussed are planting systems and care for June-bearing, everbearing, and day-neutral strawberry plants and common disease/pest problems.  For much greater detail, visit the Growing Strawberries and Strawberry Plant pages.

Overall, this resource is a good starting point for anyone thinking about growing strawberries on a small scale at home.  The links included provide additionally information about strawberry diseases, commercial fruit production, and additional gardening help.

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