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how to dry strawberries0009 : Safe Methods to Store, Preserve, and Enjoy Strawberries

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Preserving and Storing Strawberries: Summary

This resource covers a wide range of basic information as outlined below.  It was originally published by the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources as Publication 8256 and was written by Linda J. Harris and Elizabeth Mitcham.  Harris is a Food Safety and Applied Microbiology Specialist in the Department of Food Science at UC Davis.  Mitcham is a Postharvest Extension Specialist in the Department of Plant Sciences, also at UC Davis.

This publication touches upon a wide range of topics.  A sampling, in order, are as follows:

1.  A brief explanation of what a strawberry actually is.  Included are statistics on strawberries in California and the most common varieties grown in the state.

2.  Some information about growing and picking strawberries as well as what to look for when purchasing strawberries from the store.  For more details on successfully shopping for retail strawberries, see our Strawberry Buying Guide.

3.  Tips on safely handling strawberries, washing strawberries, and cutting strawberries.

4.  A helpful guide for freezing strawberries, including how much headspace is required when freezing in different sizes of jars.  Also discussed are the sugar pack, syrup pack, unsweetened dry pack, other unsweetened packs, the pectin syrup pack, how to freeze sliced or crushed strawberries, how to freeze strawberry puree, and how to freeze strawberry juice.

5.  How to dry strawberries using a dehydrator, oven, microwave (not recommended), or the sun.  Tips on preparing strawberries to be dried, and advice on mistakes to avoid and how to store dried strawberries.  Making fruit leathers is also discussed.

6.  Making strawberry jams and jellies is also discussed.  Equipment, methods, and storage are reviewed.  A couple of recipes are provided as well as links to more  useful resources.

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