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Home Garden Strawberry Production in New Mexico: Summary

This publication was written by George W. Dickerson, Extension Horticulturist Specialist, and was published by the New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service and College of Agriculture and Home Economics.  While specific to growing strawberries in New Mexico, much of the information contained in this publication is applicable to all strawberry cultivation.  The topics and information covered specifically in this work are as follows:

1. A brief introduction pointing out the suitability of strawberries to the home garden and basic nutritional facts about strawberries.  Also referenced is the number of strawberry plants needed for a family.

2. The botanical components of the strawberry plant are described.  Along with the technical terms for strawberry anatomy, it also discusses the production of strawberry flowers and runners.

3. Recommendations of appropriate strawberry varieties for growing in New Mexico are mentioned for each of the major types of strawberry plants.  For each recommended variety, a description of the qualities of that variety is provided.  Recommended June-bearing strawberry varieties for New Mexico are: Guardian, Robinson, Sequoia, Surecrop, Tioga, and Tufts.  Recommended everbearing strawberry varieties for New Mexico are: Fort Laramie, Gem Everbearing (aka Superfection), Ogallala, Ozark Beauty, Quinault, and Streamliner.  Recommended day-neutral strawberry varieties for New Mexico are: Fern, Selva, Tribute, and Tristar.

4. Guidance on gardening successfully is also provided.  Tips on selecting a site for one's strawberry bed are offered.  Also provided is information about soil preparation, fertilization, and planting techniques.  Plant training and management techniques for the New Mexico strawberry garden are also covered.

5. A discussion of strawberry pests and tips on harvesting and storing the fruit round out this publication on growing strawberries in New Mexico.

Any home gardener in New Mexico can find specific strawberry cultivars that should do well where they live and garden.   If you do not live in NM, for a quick way to find which strawberry variety would grow well in your area, see here: Recommended Strawberry Varieties by State.

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