No Bake Strawberry Cookies

no bake strawberry cookies recipeLet's face it: very few people like to slave away in the kitchen for hours on end baking and making and generally slaving to create pleasures that disappear into a gulping maw as a mess of swallowed mouth mush.  However, there is great deal of pleasure to be had in the gulping of said mouthfuls of tasty mush.  Everyone likes cookies.  Everyone likes candy too.  Everyone likes strawberries!  So, why not roll all three of those things into a recipe that takes virtually no slaving away in the kitchen?

Voila!  Here is your answer!  This no bake strawberry cookies recipe is perfect for any individual who doesn't want to spend time waiting on ovens to preheat or looking for rarely used kitchen implements.  All this beaut of a recipe takes is a set of hands, a bowl, and a few minutes.  So, if you are looking for a great uncooked strawberry cookies recipe, this one is your huckleberry!

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