Growing Strawberries in New Hampshire

growing strawberries in new hampshire

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Growing Strawberries in New Hampshire

This document linked below was originally created by David T. Handley, University of Maine Extension Small Fruit and Vegetable Specialist, and William G. Lord, University of New Hampshire Extension Fruit Specialist.  It was published by the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension.  This document is a valuable resource for both the beginning and experienced strawberry growers.  While the specifics are tailored by the authors to growing strawberries in New Hampshire, the principles can be readily adapted to any state.  The following is covered in the publication:

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Growing Winter Strawberries?

This is a question submitted to Strawberry Plants .org by a reader. The information provided in response to the question may benefit others with the same or similar inquiries. Therefore, it has been added to the archive page of submitted questions. See the Strawberry FAQ for more questions, or use the search box at the top right of this page to search this site for information.

Q: Growing Winter Strawberries?

On December 29, 2010, Gerard Caron asked:

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How to Grow Strawberries in 10 Easy Steps

how to grow strawberries 10 stepsAs the strawberry growing season starts to really ramp up, there are lots of experienced gardeners who know what they need to do to harvest a crop of bulging strawberries this year.  But, if you aren’t completely confident about what to do and where to start, this quick guide to growing strawberries will walk you through the essentials.  Virtually everyone loves those delicious icons of taste supremacy.  So, if you haven't even considered growing strawberries yourself, why not take the plunge this year?  Learn how to grow strawberries in 10 easy steps!

Follow these 10 easy steps, and you should have the knowledge you need to have to walk confidently out to your garden and see happy strawberry plants.  From the planning and selection all the way to picking and preserving, this information will teach virtually anyone how to grow strawberries successfully.

How to Grow Strawberries in 10 Easy Steps

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Strawberry Plants .org Top 5 for October 2010

strawberry plants top 5If you are a regular visitor to Strawberry Plants .org, you know that this site exists for one main reason: to spread the passion for growing strawberries and strawberry plants far and wide.  Most people come here looking for answers for their strawberry-related questions.  And, most people find them.  In the processes of finding strawberry answers, some people have an agricultural or gardening passion kindled within them.  To that we say, “hooray!”

Strawberry Plants .org has seen remarkable growth in the number of visitors who visit every day.  Who knew so many people have so many questions about growing and using strawberries?  It is encouraging!  During the month of October, visits to this site hit an all-time high.  And, the great part is that it isn't even strawberry season in most of the Northern Hemisphere!

So, what is all the activity about?  Well, people from all over the world are looking for strawberry information.  So, if you are curious, you can see both the 5 most popular pages on this website as well as the top 10 strawberry-friendly countries (as measured by people from within the country visiting this site):

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Growing Strawberries

Introduction to the Growing Strawberries Page

Do you want to begin growing strawberries? Or, have you been growing strawberries for a long time and simply want to get fresh ideas or helpful suggestions? You’ve landed in the right spot! This site will teach you how to grow strawberries and get you growing strawberry plants in places you would have never dreamed possible.

We are passionate about everything related to strawberries here. We hope that passion shines through. Since the little and beautiful red berries are nutritious and delicious, we want to see more people develop a love for growing strawberry plants and eating the delicious and sweet strawberries they produce! In each garden strawberries have a place, and we want to help more gardeners find successful ways to incorporate them.

To help you navigate to the information that is most helpful for your present situation, use this handy-dandy table of contents to go directly to the information you need.  If you want to start at the very beginning and work your way through, just scroll down!

1. Why Grow Strawberries?6. Garden Preparation11. Renovating Strawberries
2. Choosing How to Grow:
a. From Seed (new page)
b. From Plants
7. How to Plant Strawberry Plants
a. What to Plant with Strawberries (new page)
12. Protecting Strawberry Plants
a. Mulching (new page)
b. Overwintering Strawberries (new page)
3. Picking the Best Strawberry Variety8. Caring for Your Strawberries
a. Watering Strawberries
b. Fertilizing Strawberries
13. Dealing with Common Problems...
a. Plants Not Producing Strawberries (new page)
b. Strawberry Plants Wilting (new page)
c. Late Frosts/Cold Weather (new page)
d. Upside-down Hanging Planters (new page)
e. Pests & Pathogens (new page)
4. Site Selection9. Multiplying Your Strawberry Plants...
a. Propagating Strawberry Plants (new page)
b. Transplanting Strawberry Plants (new page)
14. More Articles & Information on Growing Strawberries
5. Choosing Your Growing Method10. When to Harvest15. Frequently Asked Questions (new page)

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