Growing Strawberries in Red Clay?

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Q: Growing Strawberries in Red Clay?

On May 9th, 2011, Kristy asked:

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Growing Strawberry Plants Commercially

growing strawberry plants commerciallyGrowing strawberry plants can be an income-producing alternative to traditional crop farming.  There are an abundance of pick-your-own strawberry farms scattered across the USA.  Unfortunately, however, numerous farmers each year decide to take the plunge into commercial strawberry growing each year…and go bust.  If you are interested in growing strawberries commercially, you should read entry 0006 in the Strawberry Plants Library before reading further.  Then, with that information as background, continue reading this post to get an idea of the sequential steps involved in growing strawberry plants commercially.

This sequence is followed by most commercial strawberry farmers.  Of course, there is some variation between farms, but this overview will give a general idea of what is involved.

Prepare the Land for the Strawberry Plants

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Growing Strawberries

Introduction to the Growing Strawberries Page

Do you want to begin growing strawberries? Or, have you been growing strawberries for a long time and simply want to get fresh ideas or helpful suggestions? You’ve landed in the right spot! This site will teach you how to grow strawberries and get you growing strawberry plants in places you would have never dreamed possible.

We are passionate about everything related to strawberries here. We hope that passion shines through. Since the little and beautiful red berries are nutritious and delicious, we want to see more people develop a love for growing strawberry plants and eating the delicious and sweet strawberries they produce! In each garden strawberries have a place, and we want to help more gardeners find successful ways to incorporate them.

To help you navigate to the information that is most helpful for your present situation, use this handy-dandy table of contents to go directly to the information you need.  If you want to start at the very beginning and work your way through, just scroll down!

1. Why Grow Strawberries?6. Garden Preparation11. Renovating Strawberries
2. Choosing How to Grow:
a. From Seed (new page)
b. From Plants
7. How to Plant Strawberry Plants
a. What to Plant with Strawberries (new page)
12. Protecting Strawberry Plants
a. Mulching (new page)
b. Overwintering Strawberries (new page)
3. Picking the Best Strawberry Variety8. Caring for Your Strawberries
a. Watering Strawberries
b. Fertilizing Strawberries
13. Dealing with Common Problems...
a. Plants Not Producing Strawberries (new page)
b. Strawberry Plants Wilting (new page)
c. Late Frosts/Cold Weather (new page)
d. Upside-down Hanging Planters (new page)
e. Pests & Pathogens (new page)
4. Site Selection9. Multiplying Your Strawberry Plants...
a. Propagating Strawberry Plants (new page)
b. Transplanting Strawberry Plants (new page)
14. More Articles & Information on Growing Strawberries
5. Choosing Your Growing Method10. When to Harvest15. Frequently Asked Questions (new page)

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