Health Benefits of Strawberries

Strawberries are packed with Vitamin C and scores of other medicinal compounds.  Because of these facts renewed interest is developing in the medicinal uses of the humble strawberry.  In fact, some of the most exciting research is being conducted on the role of the strawberry compound elagic acid in preventing or slowing antiogenesis in […]

Strawberries and Cancer

strawberries and cancerEveryone loves strawberries, and cancer is universally abhorred.  Ever since it was theorized that eating strawberries prevents cancer, more and more research has been undertaken to discover the potential cancer-fighting properties and medicinal compounds contained within the delightful fruits plucked from strawberry plants around the world.  The ongoing research is quite exciting.

As it turns out, strawberries and cancer are being researched together due to the possible health benefits of strawberries.  In fact, early results of experiments using freeze-dried strawberries and strawberry extracts along with cancer cell cultures have been quite promising.  This post is a brief summary of some of the recent study results that have involved strawberries.

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Grow Your Own Strawberry Plants: 10 Reasons Why

grow your own strawberry plantsThis site is focused on helping people develop an interest in growing strawberry plants, understanding the strawberry plant itself, and enjoying both the taste and health benefits of strawberries.  The Reference Pages to the left will help anyone successfully grow strawberry plants in a garden, container, or pretty much anywhere else there is dirt and water.

So, why should you want to grow your own strawberry plants?  I’m glad you asked!  This short post reviews the top 10 reasons you should grow your own strawberry plants.

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