Strawberry King Pie

strawberry king pie recipeThis is the king of all strawberry pies.  That may be a bold statement, but it is no joke.  Once you prepare and taste this legendary strawberry king pie recipe, you won't even chuckle at a jester who says otherwise.  King Arthur had Excalibur; Charlemagne wielded Joyeuse; El Cid swung Tizona and Colada in his day; William Wallace brandished his giant Scottish Claymore resisting the English in the late 13th century; and you, my friend, are now armed as Monarch of the Kitchen with this delicious weapon.

Expect to slay the hunger of all the vassals in your fiefdom.  Expect to slake the parched palates of hungry peons (or kids!) inhabiting your lands.  Yea, fair cook, ye shall arise to be heralded here to yon for serving such extravagance on little platters.  Prepare to rule your kitchen for ever!  Long live the COOK!

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