Salacious Strawberry Coconut Tart

salacious strawberry coconut tart recipeWhen looking for the perfect recipe, mediocre just won't cut it.  Who wants to labor in the kitchen only to have a frumpy, bland, boring concoction come out for consumption?  Nobody, that's who.  When a culinary artist slips the implements of professionalism onto his or her body, that apron or smock and baking hat become the armor needed to vanquish boring and forgettable dishes to the nether-realm.

This salacious strawberry coconut tart recipe is fit for a king…or a family.  You won't have to joust with a spouse OR a toddler to get them to eat this.  In fact, you may just be heralded as Savior of the Kitchen and knighted Sir Cook by whomever holds royal sway in your humble abode…or castle.

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