The Simply Sensational Strawberry Cookbook

the simply sensational strawberry cookbook


* Cookbook Format: Digital Download

Strawberries are small. The strawberry business, however, is huge. In the United States alone, growing the fine red fruits is a multi-BILLION dollar industry.

Obviously, you are not alone in your enjoyment of strawberries! In fact, virtually everyone loves their distinctive flavor and aroma. Even the thought of the juicy burst that comes as one bites into a ripe one is enough to set the mouth to watering. Ever since the first known description of a strawberry plant was recorded in 1454, their fame has spread around the globe. Doubtless, they were enjoyed by the native peoples inhabiting the temperate regions of our globe even long before then.

Like most whole fruits, strawberries provide a bounty of nutrition for the hungry body. We have not yet fully realized the health benefits that come from consuming strawberries, but we do know quite a bit already. The beneficial health-supporting nutritional components are numerous…

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