Strawberry Festival Season Is Heating Up

strawberry festival seasonFamily fun comes in the form of strawberry festivals this weekend.  If you are looking for something to venture out and enjoy, take advantage of these festivals that celebrate the fruit of strawberry plants.  Spring fun, hooray!

Strawberry festivals are happening right now!  This weekend, there will be four strawberry festivals occurring in three states.  If you live in California, South Carolina, or Tennessee, you might well be closer than you think to a memorable event.  And, don't fret if a berry fest is not in your neck of the woods this weekend.  Check the Strawberry Festivals directory to find out when one will be happening in your neck of the woods.

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Strawberry Festival Season Is Here

florida strawberry festivalNothing says “Spring is coming!” quite like a fresh-picked strawberry.  And, nothing indicates that the strawberries are about to pour in like a big-time strawberry festival.  Well, strawberry festival season begins tomorrow!  The first major strawberry party is about to commence in Florida's famous Plant City.

The Florida Strawberry Festival begins March 3rd and runs through March 13.  If you are in or passing through Florida, it can be a great opportunity to spend some time with the kids, relax, and enjoy some delicious strawberry stuffs.  There is truly something for every taste and age.  (See also the entire directory of Strawberry Festivals)

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