Strawberry Picking Season Nearing End

With summer just around the corner, strawberry season is almost over.  However, if you and yours are in a milder or more northern climate, you still have an opportunity to make the pilgrimage to a local strawberry farm to pick your own brimming baskets of fresh and juicy berries.

To help with your endeavors, […]

Strawberry Jelly Recipe

strawberry jelly recipeWho doesn't have a fond childhood memory of satiating a growling tummy by slathering a slice of freshly baked, warm, aromatic bread with liberal coating of sweet strawberry jelly…and then devouring it.  Who knows, it may have even been a bread and strawberry jelly sandwich.  Well, everyone who is no longer a kid used to be one.  Chances are good, your own inner kid will squeal with delight if you use this strawberry jelly recipe to conjure up another helping of that old-time jelly goodness.

This strawberry jelly recipe is but one of many that Strawberry Plants .org offers in its Strawberry Recipes section.  If you found this page while you were searching for something other than a strawberry jelly recipe, click the above link to find numerous other strawberry-containing recipes.  Actually, if you haven't a clue as to what you want to nibble upon, take a look at the tempting delights there.  Chances are, you will find a satisfying way to use your strawberries (if you have any left, that is!).

Anyway, on to the strawberry jelly recipe!

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