Strawberry Picking Robot

strawberry picking robotTechnology is constantly advancing.  In fact, one might consider the “boom” in technological advances to have continued unabated since the Industrial Revolution.  While most home gardeners still grow their strawberry plants they way they have for centuries, the commercial strawberry industry has corralled their own technological advances throughout the years.  The specialized equipment that is currently widespread automates many of the strawberry-specific cultivation tasks.  Technology allows for mounded rows with targeted irrigation and plastic mulch.  To see videos of said technology in action, view the post on growing strawberry plants commercially.

One of the latest advances in strawberry farming was developed with funds from the California Strawberry Commission: a strawberry picking robot.  While the strawberry picking robot is nowhere near ready to eliminate strawberry picking jobs, it may eventually increase productivity while decreasing labor costs by automating the most time-intensive aspect of strawberry farming: picking the strawberries.

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