Strawberry Varieties by State

recommended strawberry varieties by stateIf you have landed on Strawberry Plants .org looking for guidance regarding planting or growing strawberries, you are in the right place.  Many people come here looking for advice on which specific strawberry variety they should plant in their respective states.  Well, as one might expect, there are a lot of different climates and growing conditions out there.  Each of the United States has its own unique general soil composition, rainfall, and weather patterns.

Consequently, any given strawberry plant variety is likely to do better in one specific region than other regions.  While some cultivars are able to adapt to many environments, others have been bred to be highly productive in a relatively narrow climate range.

This guide is a state-by-state list of strawberry varieties that do well in each state.  Once you find your state and a prospective variety for your own garden, you can check the Strawberry Varieties page for more information or go to the Buy Strawberry Plants page to order them directly from an online nursery.  If you have a specific nursery from which you would like to order, see if they offer your chosen variety by looking them up in the Strawberry Plants for Sale directory.  Without further ado, here are the best strawberry varieties for each state:

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