Strawberry Choconana Smoothie

strawberry coconana smoothie recipeDuring the spring and summer months, strawberries are everywhere.  If you spend any time in the grocery store or out and about, you'll likely see cartons upon cartons of fresh strawberries just waiting to be snarfed.  Farmers markets are abounding with the sweet red treats, and pick-your-own operations are getting cranked into high gear as pickers-for-a-day come from miles around to claim Nature's goodness.  You might even turn a corner in your downtown area to find a Strawberry Festival in full effect!

And, if you grow your own strawberry patch, you know just how productive the little strawberry plants can be.  If the rabbits and squirrels and birds don't invade, you will have an abundance of berries to consume.  Since strawberries have a short shelf life, it is important to use what you grow or take home from the store.  Nothing is more frustrating than spending time or money obtaining fresh produce only to open the refrigerator door and encounter a thriving mold population ruining your haul.  So, it is good to have quick and easy strawberry recipes on hand to prevent strawberry loss!  This strawberry choconana smoothie recipe is perfect for turning your strawberries into a family favorite.

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The Basic Strawberry Smoothie

the basic strawberry smoothie recipeThere are all sorts of smoothies out there these days.  Paleo ones, vegetarian ones, ones based on all the purple, red, orange, and green produce families out there.  Just about any powder, paste, or poor ol' plant can find their way into a blender.  There are entire diets based on nothing but smoothies.  There are weight-gain smoothies for body builders and weight-loss smoothies for every diet fad under the sun.  The simplicity of making smoothies has opened the door for marketers to manipulate the minds of the masses.  And, reminding people they need things they never knew existed serves an important function in our economy and society.  But, those other recipes can take a back seat for a few moments.  Because a few moments will be all the time you need to make this, the basic strawberry smoothie recipe.  So, if you don't have time to sit back and enjoy, just grab your blender or smoothie maker of choice, a fist full of ingredients (as listed below), and chop everything to bits for an on-the-go gulper fit for a king…a very busy one.

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Epic Strawberry Raspberry Smoothie Recipe

epic strawberry raspberry smoothie recipeStrawberries?  Yum.  Raspberries?  Yum.  Smoothies?  Yum.  Strawberry Raspberry Smoothie?  Cessation of cognitive function during consumption, followed by painfully frozen synapses in the frontal lobe from the rapidity of ingestion.  But, hey, what else would you expect from this magnificently delicious blend of fabulous fruit?  As Yoda would say, “mmMmmm, a mind-blowing taste to die for, this is.”

Whether you are looking for a fitting springtime treat, summertime break from the heat, a falltime football drink that's sweet, or a wintertime match for chilly feet, this can be your go-to choice for an epic strawberry raspberry smoothie recipe.  So, here's the whole shebang…

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Super Smooth Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie

super smooth strawberry yogurt smoothieWhether you pick 'em yourself, grow 'em yourself, or snatch 'em off the shelf, strawberries are one of the foodie man's (or woman's!) best friends. The color of the berry begs for consumption, and they definitely do a body good.  When the massive crop of June-bearing fruit comes in as the weather starts getting warmer, the foodies rejoice!  Strawberry plants produce a truly versatile delicacy in their striving for survival.  Men, birds, and land rodents of all kinds have long savored and subsisted on nature's bountiful production of strawberries.  With decades of selection and specific improvements in cultivation methods, however, the availability of strawberries has never in history been greater than today.

So, why not take advantage of the abundance of spring strawberries and utilize some of your personal haul for making this sure-to-please, fantastic, super smooth strawberry yogurt smoothie recipe today!  Trust me, you'll like it.

This surprisingly satiating super smooth strawberry smoothie might just be the most satisfyingly superior swallower-soothing stuff you've ever slurped!  Is that a seriously superlative statement?  Surely.  But, it's a true story!  This recipe is one that serves sumptuous strawberry sensations to scintillated taste buds with each supremely sweet sip.

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Strawberry Ice Cream Smoothie

strawberry ice cream smoothieA delicious strawberry ice cream smoothie sure hits the spot during hot summer afternoons.  This strawberry smoothie recipe can be modified by using different flavors of ice cream!  This strawberry ice cream smoothie recipe serves four people. Continue reading Strawberry Ice Cream Smoothie