Sweet Strawberry Spinach Salad

sweet strawberry spinach salad recipeSpringtime.  It is the time of year when bluebirds perch atop your shoulders and chirp a sweet melody.  It is the time of year when snows promise to be a thing of the past, and green bursts forth from the dank bleakness of winter brown.  budding flowers on dogwoods and the paler green tips upon conifer branches herald the coming of something grand.

With the coming of increasing temperatures, strawberry plants also are called to renewed vigor as they break dormancy and again send forth their foliage to welcome the strengthening rays of the sun.  But, not only leaves appear!  The perennating buds that were forms with care the previous year also come forth as delicate strawberry flowers.  The buzzing bees find favor therein, and soon the white petals drop and yield a glimpse of red remaining.

Joy comes for many with the first spring harvest of strawberries.  And, what better way to kick off the fun of the coming months than with a great recipe using your freshly-picked strawberries?!  This sweet strawberry spinach salad is just what you need.

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Strawberry Spinach Salad

strawberry spinach saladShould a strawberry spinach salad recipe be on the agenda for your next meal?  You bet.  Few things scream “healthy and delicious” like the fresh green crispness of savory spinach and the sweet juiciness of just-washed strawberries.  And, as if you've been begging to be swept up in a culinary rapture to food heaven, topping it off with a superlative dressing is just plain unbeatable when it comes to satiating even the most demanding taste buds.  In fact, why do you torture your tongue so?  Get busy making this strawberry spinach salad right away!

Of course, Strawberry Plants .org also has an ever-growing library of sensational Strawberry Recipes that are magnificently delicious.  Feel free peruse and browse through recipe directory until you find the exact recipe that will help you use your extra strawberries in your own culinary masterpiece.  Even if you don't know quite what you are looking for, chances are that you will find something exciting to try!

I guess that is enough blather, here is the strawberry spinach salad recipe…

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