New Strawberry Variety: Herriot

New strawberry varieties are constantly being developed.  Oftentimes, the improvements that are made through the breeding and selection process are somewhat significant, but small.  Or, only certain aspects of the desired traits are manifest while others are not passed on during the process.

The latest release from Cornell’s berry breeder Courtney Weber is very […]

How a New Variety of Strawberry Plants is Developed

How a New Variety of Strawberry Plants is DevelopedHave you ever wondered how a new variety of strawberry plants is developed?  The big, luscious strawberries that we all know and love haven’t always existed.  In fact, they are a relatively new phenomenon.  The original wild-type strawberry species produced (and still produce) tasty strawberries.  But, those strawberry plants cranked out tiny (relatively speaking) fruits.  When the first Garden Strawberry was successfully bred (see the Strawberry Plant page for more of the development history of today’s strawberry plants), the path was paved for the creation of the strawberry cultivars we grow today.

While the most successful breeding programs are funded by the state, individuals or non-governmental groups can endeavor to breed better strawberry plants as well.  This post describes some of the thoughts and targets that should guide any strawberry plant breeding program. Continue reading How a New Variety of Strawberry Plants is Developed